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Posted by Johny Dean on April 29th, 2014

People passionate about nature, adventurers, young couples, large families with children, seniors, anyone can benefit from the activities that can be undertaken in a caravan park Cambridge. This is a location that allows recreational vehicles, also known as caravans, to stay overnight or for longer periods of time in exchange for a certain fee.

Generally, caravan parks are also regarded as campsites or campgrounds. However, a campsite Cambridgeshire is a location where tents can be installed and where motorised vehicles are not that common. However, since many tourists like to travel by caravans and also install tents in picturesque areas, many facilities today offer both tent camping capabilities and pitches, meaning specific spaces allotted to park your caravan.

Most caravans parks in England allow their tourists to cook for themselves and experience self-catering at its best. Tourists do their own shopping, as well as cooking, and enjoy homemade food. And when they prefer to try the taste of the local cuisine, they can go to a nearby restaurant or pub recommended by caravan park owners.

Tourists may cook for themselves, but they definitely need water to wash vegetables, legumes, fruits, and prepare dishes. Luckily, in a caravan park Cambridge, every tourist benefits from a drinking water connection and a sewer connection. Besides these, tourists also have AC power connection, great for hot summer days.

Taking into account that we live in an era of technology and that most visitors of a campsite Cambridgeshire use high-tech devices, caravan park owners also offer a Wi-Fi hotspot to their visitors, to ensure they get the best out of their vacation. Some caravans parks also provide television connection, although this is not that required as a hotspot. People visit picturesque locations to relax and undertake fun activities, not to watch TV.

Other facilities that can be encountered in a caravan park may include toilets and showers, laundry, picnic tables, barbecue areas and swimming pools. Besides these, caravan parks owners can also offer angling and boating facilities, provide guided tours and country walks to those interested, recommend cycling and hiking routes, as well as local inns where tourists can enjoy excellent meals and service.

The good thing about caravans parks is that their advantages can be experienced even by those who do not own a caravan. In a caravan park, people passionate about the great outdoors can rent a caravan and see how it feels to live in this kind of facility. To enjoy life in a caravan, they have to pay a similar price to the one paid by actual caravan owners.

Interested in exploring the wild side of nature? Choose our caravan park Cambridge, which can be considered a campsite Cambridgeshire, at the same time, because we grant tent camping possibilities to our visitors. We offer 35 retirement homes with all amenities, excellence toilet and shower facilities, and the chance to perform a large range of outdoor activities, for our peaceful and serene park occupies 5 acres of land.

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