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Posted by Johny Dean on April 29th, 2014

If you are thinking about contacting a specialist in landscaping West Yorkshire but you are still hesitating, nothing can help you decide more than taking a closer look at the advantages of making such an investment. A complete makeover of your garden can include anything from planting trees to fitting dry stone walling West Yorkshire and you have the freedom to adjust the design to your own needs.

Landscaping is not only about picking the right flowers and planting them in the right place. When you create a landscape design for your garden there are many factors that should be taken in consideration. Besides flowers and trees, your garden can be enriched with patios, swimming pools, decks, walkways, ponds and so on. It can be said that landscaping requires in fact a holistic approach of the idea of designing.

But why should you even think about going through such a complicated process? No matter if you plan to make an investment to enhance your real estate so that you can enjoy or you think about selling it soon, landscaping will boost your property’s value instantly. Statistics show that such a move will increase the value of your house with up to 14% more. Besides that, it will speed its sale time by 6 weeks! And when you think about the costs of investing in landscaping and maintaining your garden, you can come to the conclusion that you can earn up to 150% more out of this investment.

It is also proven that a landscaped garden can lower your electricity bills when it comes to heating and cooling your house. When placed in the right place, trees can let a particular amount of light into your house. Shade can increase the efficiency of an air conditioner in long summer days. Moreover, trees are the best way to contribute to a healthier environment. Only one tree can remove 26 pounds of CO2 every year! Spending your time in a space with fresh air will make you more relaxed and happier to start the day!

So don’t hesitate when you think about making that last step to get a landscaping plan from a specialist! Richard Breese Landscapes is inviting you to share your ideas with them to create the perfect design. They are experts in landscaping West Yorkshire and their craftsmen have a wide experience with many different kinds of projects. If you think about fitting some classic dry stone walling West Yorkshire, no one can do this better than these specialists! Some of their most wanted services of landscaping West Yorkshire are: fencing, garden makeovers, flagging, tree planting, felling, trimming and many others.

Get your free design consultation from the most hard-working team when it comes to landscaping West Yorkshire and see if you like the idea of a beautiful, landscaped garden. Whether you are interested in dry stone walling West Yorkshire or simple tree surgery services, they will find the best solution for you in no time!

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