Why you should set store only by packaged drinking water

Posted by amrina alshaikh on December 9th, 2020

Why you should set store only by packaged drinking water

Trusting mineral packaged drinking water in Indiais a smart move, particularly when there are questions of hygiene and also when there is a pandemic situation gripping the whole country when personal safety is of paramount importance. You should understand that natural mineral water is that which is obtained from underground sources. It is then packaged near this source and adheres to quality standards specified by the authorities. Packaged drinking water is that which is eventually disinfected and treated in a procedure that encompasses UV or ozone treatments, filtration and RO (reverse osmosis), prior to being deemed fit for consumption by human beings. In fact, trusting packaged drinking water in Indiabecomes all the more natural when you realize that there are stringent quality standards to be followed in case of production facilities and bottled water brands.

It is compulsory for all bottled water makers to get the ISI mark from the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). Packaged drinking water comes under the regulation of IS:13428 and IS:14543. Packaged drinking water in India is safe and the go-to solution anytime you are thirsty on the move and do not have access to clean and healthy water. Taste may vary across bottled water brands since mineral concentration may also vary, depending on the geology and characteristics of the land which they are derived from.

Key reasons for choosing packaged drinking water in India

Here are some key reasons why you should choose packaged drinking water:

  • Good health- Water is the sole zero sugar, calorie or additive beverage which will keep you hydrated and healthy. You should consume 2-2.5 litres of water each day to stay healthy. If your body does not replenish fluids on a regular basis, then essential functions will be hampered over time. Purchase bottled water and stay hydrated on the move without worrying about safety or purity as a result.
  • High Quality- Mineral water will offer safe and pure water which is disinfected and completely safe to drink. If you are buying packaged drinking water in Indiafrom a reputed brand like Bisleri, then you are assured of the highest quality standards. Bisleri, for instance, makes sure that its production facilities go through a 10-stage procedure with 114 tests to ensure that each drop is pure and completely healthy. There are also innumerable guidelines that bottled water manufacturers have to follow and this automatically ensures better quality in almost all departments, right from processing, manufacturing and packaging to availability.
  • Convenient and Readily Available- It is really convenient to access and purchase Bisleri mineral water or packaged drinking water anytime and anywhere as per your needs. Packaged drinking water is readily available throughout the whole country and you will find it online as well.
  • Emergency Help- Accessing bottled or packaged drinking water is a godsend during any emergencies, disasters or simply situations where municipal water supply is hampered or water has been contaminated in a particular area. Bottled water has a vital role to play in ensuring emergency supplies for people owing to various reasons.

These are some reasons why you should choose packaged drinking water seamlessly without any worries.

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