As you gain levels in The Elder Scrolls Online

Posted by 4esogold on April 30th, 2014

As you gain levels in The Elder Scrolls Online, you will gain one additional attribute point for every level. These attribute points can be placed in one of three attributes. The ESO Gold server  Here are those three and a brief explanation of what each do:

Health: Just as it sounds, adding extra attribute points to Health grants you additional health/hit points. This makes it more difficult for you to die. This attribute is ideal for players who find themselves tanking during group combat or if you simply want to survive a bit longer while solo.

Magicka: Putting attribute points into Magicka gives you extra mana, which is the resource you’ll use as a spell caster. Magicka is important for both Sorcerers and Templars. Any of your magical skills, spells and abilities (including heals and some weapon abilities) use mana.

Stamina: Putting attribute points into Stamina lets you utilize dodge and stealth more often. Stamina is the resource that both of those abilities use. Nightblades and Dragon Knights also utilize Stamina for most weapon-based abilities. If you find yourself running low on Stamina often, you may wish to place extra attribute points here.

Overall, which attribute point(s) you specialize in will depend on your eso class and playstyle. You may also wish to spread your attribute points into multiple stats in order to keep all of your resources equally balanced. In general, Health and Stamina will be more useful for soloing, PvPing and players who enjoy melee combat while Magicka will be sought after by players who depend on casting offensive spells and playing the role of a healer while in dungeons.

If you ever wish to reset your attribute points, you can do so by visiting a shrine and paying a fee. It may be extremely useful to use one attribute setup while leveling in order to gain extra hit points and Stamina to help make questing and killing mobs easier then resetting your points when reaching the level cap. By that point you will have a better idea about what you want to mainly specialize in.

It may also be handy to save your first few attribute points while leveling until you have a better idea of which type of resource you frequently run out of while questing. Choosing an attribute setup based on your class and playstyle is highly recommend, but it may take a few levels to fully grasp what style you enjoy most.READ MORE:Buy TESO Gold

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