Linen classification of industrial laundry machines

Posted by sere on December 9th, 2020

The classification of industrial laundry machine linen should be considered from the following factors.

1. With different mechanical forces, the fiber and fabric structure of clothing can withstand mechanical forces to different degrees. The classification should be selected to avoid surface strain and damage caused by this.

2. Clothing linen with different humidity has different hygroscopicity. Exceeding the safe humidity will cause shrinkage, bleeding, fading, wrinkling and other phenomena of clothing linen materials. Therefore, according to the humidity of clothing linen materials, master dry cleaning The humidity of the agent is an important part of the sorting and washing of industrial laundry machines.

3. Static electricity The friction of fibers with different properties will generate static electricity, and static electricity will attract dust and fluff. Therefore, fiber fabrics with different properties should be installed separately to prevent static electricity.

4. Color In order to avoid washing dirty or dyeing clothing linen due to color bleeding, clothing must be classified according to the color of the clothing linen. Generally, it is classified into four categories: white, light, medium, and dark, regardless of the fiber , The color fastness of red, purple and green are all poor, so these colors should be classified as dark colors.

5. For some special fabrics such as wool, velvet, knitted fabrics, paintings, etc., it must be bagged and cleaned. Only in this way can the clothing linen be strained and damaged by industrial laundry machines.

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