Top Things to know about aluminium sheets

Posted by Ullrich Alumunium on December 9th, 2020

One of the cheapest, most common and versatile metals available in a variety of forms, including aluminium checker plate and aluminium flat sheets, Aluminium is manufactured to provide a thin yet very strong, sturdy yet lightweight material that has a multitude of use in many aspects of our daily lives.

Formed by pressing raw aluminium under high pressure through heavy rollers, aluminium sheeting provides a very robust protection for surfaces from wear and corrosion with its surface that can be left natural or coated in a variety of ways and finishes to provide an aesthetically pleasing surface

  •        Workability

Aluminium checker plate and other aluminium sheet products are user friendly and easy to work with. They can be cut to shape, size and formed to suit many diverse applications, aluminium sheeting is easily drilled, welded, riveted or bolted together by the handy-person or professional

The valuable properties of Aluminium Sheets

  •        Light weight. Aluminium weighs about 1/3 that of steel
  •        Strong, Aluminium can be made in a variety of strengthsfor building and structural applications
  •        Corrosion resistant. Aluminium forms a protective oxide on its surface making it resistant to exposed conditions
  •        Easy to form. Having a low melting point (600C) aluminium is easy to form into many desirable shapes
  •        Fireproof. Aluminium will not burn and doesn’t release toxic gasses when melted
  •         Food grade Aluminium can be suitable for food grade applications as it’s nonreactive, is impermeable to flavours and smells
  •        Reflective. Aluminium sheeting is suitable for lighting and heating systems
  •        Conductor Aluminium is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat
  •        Recyclable. Aluminium is infinitely and economically recyclable
  •        Long lasting and low maintenance
  •        Sizes, Aluminium is available in a huge range of sizes and thicknesses

Uses of Aluminium sheets

Aluminium sheeting is used in a large range of applications including:

  •        Roofing – Because of its sturdy but light weight and anti-corrosive properties
  •        Artistic design – Interior wall or ceiling panels
  •        Cladding – Exterior cladding because it’s resistant to the elements and easily coloured
  •        Furniture- Aluminium sheets are often used to make shelving, table tops and seating
  •        Automotive – Aluminium sheets are used for truck, trailer, caravan, bus, boat and airplane bodies because low weight and strength
  •        Flooring – Aluminium checker plate is used as a non slip surface in high traffic areas as well as an easy to clean protective covering on walls in schools, cafeterias, hospitals, factories, lifts and other areas were a tough hard wearing surface is required including fire escapes, ramps, staircases, ladders, steps escalators and marine and automotive floors

Aluminium checker plate and other types of aluminium sheeting is one of the most versatile and easy to work metals for use around the home or in industrial applications. It’s a readily available from most home and building supply outlets and relatively inexpensive, with many desirable properties including being non-corrosive, fireproof, lightweight easy to paint and very strong.

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