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Posted by Martha George on December 9th, 2020

The team of human resource management is the effective and necessary part of any business which helps in operating it smoothly. Every organization is incomplete without its employees, and they should be treated well enough to make the production of it higher. 

Students try to find the best way to include the intricacies of the business in their human resource management assignments. It happens most of the reason because they don't get relevant resources for their assignments and somehow are persuaded to take Strategic HRM Assignment help. As the topic of Employee Productivity is somehow becomes the different topic of interest, more than just a field of study when it becomes the topic of discussion of the discussion.

Employee Productivity is necessary as every organization moves forward with their contributions. 

There are many ways through which students can take help of many services. 

What is Employee Productivity?

Employee Productivity is the balance between the factors of production which can give the output with enough efforts. The productivity of an organization can never be fixed and always can be higher or lower as per Employee Productivity. They try to make it higher than the previous one and can't be satisfied with it. The techniques never stay constant and keep on changing as per the requirement.

Productivity is the measure of output per minute. The inputs include capital and labour. The output is measured as per revenue and Gross Domestic Product. The productivity is examined collectively of the organization. 

The resources that are used for Employee Productivity are-

  1. Materials

  2. Machines 

  3. Land and Building

  4. Manpower

What are some reasons why Employee Productivity lowers?

  1. Low level of output

  2. Slow pace

  3. Machine breakdowns 

  4. Improper machine loading 

  5. Frequent shortage of sources and materials

  6. Poor quality finished goods

  7. Wastage of energy

Role of management 

  1. Production planning

  2. Finance management 

  3. Control and making the schedule

  4. Personal management 

  5. Maintenance management 

  6. Safety of the resources and employees

Some ways through which higher productivity can be achieved-

  1. Brainstorming the ideas- It is a great method through which the new ideas can be achieved together. The group sit together to carry on by coming up with creative ideas. They exchange mutual facts and experiences to come up with the new techniques. 

  2. Training programmes- A certain programme is made to create awareness about the particular goal of productivity. It happens through the various methods approached by the company such as group meetings, posters and posters etc.

  3. Choosing the right projects- Every employee should get the project they can do, and the project leader should be appointed similarly as well. This will increase productivity as the interest will save time and boost their energy.

  4.  Force Field Analysis-  It is a technique through which the solution is looked while it is in implementation. The restraining forces are the unhelpful solution, and the driving forces are supportive.

  5. Team Coaching- It is always an effective way through which betterment of the team can be achieved. The methods show how to reduce the conflict and improve the relationships between the employees that will increase productivity.

Employee Productivity is crucial for every kind of business, and the business operations run according to it. This is the reason why students go for the required help by taking assistance from assignment help in Sydney. My Assignment Services will help you in the same as per the benchmark and the standards set by the guidelines and standards. 

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