Do these bots do so only for the OSRS gold

Posted by limmzhou on December 10th, 2020

Do these bots do so only for the OSRS gold sceptre drop? I assumed that they would trade in certain artefacts since these give gold but idk, never done pyramid seriously.

They only rush the chest on the first floor, depart, and get it done . First floor artifacts have been crap so I doubt they keep them.Cause the best method to receive it on an ironman is to rush the first room over and over just like the bots.

Dude I've seen bots in PP using 90+ thieving from doing the room 1 scepter grind, it actually would not make a difference from which room it came.

The one thing which could maybe somewhat prevent them is a few pursuit reqs.

I enjoy how my primary account can get banned if I trade with alts for actual money or from gp with actual money. But some dude in Venezuela can set up 10 bots and nothing happends to him or his ip.

You won't be prohibited for trading to Cheap Runescape gold alt or even RMT, understood heaps of people who RMT both ways and never prohibited.

Dumb question but why don't Jagex only send a mod to these places daily to manually ban them all? Feels like that's very little attempt for Jagex and would damage the robots into the point at which it isn't worth doing?Better than this , they could get the names of these accounts, examine their play habits since most that is recorded and prohibit all accounts with exactly the exact same profile of activities.

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