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Posted by Cove Offices on December 10th, 2020

Cove Offices is a coworking space located in Kotturpuram, Chennai. It provides dedicated, shared as well as virtual office spaces. One of the biggest USPs of Cove Offices is that it has an offering for every budget. It provides not only premium, but also cost-effective office spaces. Whether you want a dedicated or a shared office space, Cove Offices has something for you. We also make sure that you get to work as per your convenience in a friendly environment so that you don’t get tired of your work and can achieve the best productivity that you aim for. Housed in a vintage structure and surrounded by greenery, Cove Offices is the perfect workplace that everyone looks for but does not always find. Some of the facilities it offers are as follows:

Ample parking space - In any metropolitan city with a large number of private vehicles, parking space remains the biggest worry when you are taking your own vehicle to work, client meetings etc. Availability of a large parking space ensures that you do not have to keep an eye outside the office window while you are working or meeting up with your clients or colleagues. As you will see, this is just one of the many advantages of working at Cove Offices.

Complimentary high-speed internet facilities - Literally no business can function today without the internet. Be it sending or receiving emails or files, participating in audio/video calls with your colleagues or clients or even simply catching that five-minute YouTube break to relax on a busy day, an internet connection is the lifeline of any modern business. At Cove, we understand the importance a good internet connection can make to your efficiency and productivity. We provide you with a complimentary high-speed internet connection on our premises so that you are well and truly connected.

Air-conditioning - A comfortable working environment goes a long way in ensuring peace of mind and clear focus on your work. We provide efficient air-conditioning across our premises. Unlike many other coworking spaces, these are not switched off in the evenings. So even if you are working late hours, you are assured of a cool, calm workspace and don't need to sweat it out, literally.

Complimentary printing - Though the business is largely conducted electronically these days and "soft copies" are often enough for most tasks, printed copies of documents are still needed in many cases. Complimentary printing facilities are available for you in such situations. Just press that "Print" button and we will take care of it.

Complimentary beverages - We also make sure that you are kept hydrated and you are never too far away from a complimentary beverage to freshen you up. Those long hours of work won't leave you high and dry now.

Subscription-based cafeteria facilities - For those times when the beverages don't prove enough, food is available at a hand's distance. We have on-premise, subscription-based cafeteria facilities for those moments when hunger strikes. This makes sure that you don't have to leave your work halfway and leave the premises just to fulfill those hunger pangs.

Completely backed up by DG power - Of what use would a great coworking space be if you are unable to use the facilities because there was no power? To ensure that things don't go dark, our Kotturpuram facility is completely backed up by DG power which takes over when the primary supply is unavailable. Come rain or high tide, your work can now go on and on!

Dedicated storage - All of our workspaces come with their own dedicated storage space so that you can keep your stuff there and have the working desk as clear as you want it to be. After all, a clear desk is indeed the sign of a clear mind.

Secure document storage - In addition to dedicated per-workspace storage, we also provide you with vaults for secure storage. You can use these for storing documents etc. which you would not want to leave lying around. These can also be used to store material which you don't want to carry to and from the premises every now and then. 

Vibrant space - Because our Kotturpuram premises is based in one of the posh-est areas of Chennai and we attract a great variety of working professionals and businesses from various sectors, this results in an energetic and vibrant working space. This also tremendously increases the scope for professional networking and growth opportunities as a result of it. If you are the type who loves a charged up environment to work in (who doesn't?) then you will absolutely love it here.

24x7 security - The best of the facilities will be of no use to you if they are not secure enough. Our premises are protected by 24x7 security, which keeps you safe and lets you work in an undisturbed environment. Our security personnel also ensure that no unauthorised personnel gain access to the premises and cause any trouble to our clientele.

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