Why Duramax Sheds Make a Better Choice than Other Brands?

Posted by GeorgeVelvet on May 1st, 2014

We would have to admit that at the rate we are collecting commodities for our house, there will soon come a time when we will have to find extra storage space for our unused items. Thankfully, for duramax sheds to solving a larger chunk of the problem. Metal garage kits are among the first things that will give you a serious run for space. For this problem, nothing solves the purpose better than a metal garage of vinyl shed made from duramax building products.

When it comes to shed materials, there are generally three materials that you will have to choose from. Metal, wood and vinyl are among the three most popular materials out of which to choose from. The choice of the shed is not a very difficult one either. Most people these days choose to go with the vinyl sheds owing to the range of issues that might arise with the wooden and metal sheds (and not to forget the host of benefits that come with the vinyl sheds). Not only do the sheds made out of these materials cost more at the time of purchase, but these also command a significant sum of money during their lifetimes. On the other hand, the duramax sheds are well budgeted and much lighter on the pocket. Besides, there is the obvious benefit that duramax sheds will demand far less maintenance cost.

Particularly in the case of the wooden sheds, there is a high possibility that the timber will need treatment every now and then. By using vinyl sheds people are also making the necessary contribution towards the environment by eliminating the use of wooden sheds. The cheaper metal sheds are prone to rust and decay over time. This can call for frequent needs to paint the sheds, not to mention the additional cost that the user bears on the paint.

One of the key advantages of using vinyl sheds is in the durability of these sheds. Normally a duramax shed comes with a 15 year warranty which few other companies can boast of. That should be enough to tell a tale about the longevity of the sheds. The durability of duramax products does not only apply to their vinyl sheds. Their metal garage kits are also a top quality product made from galvanized steel and carry a 10 warranty slightly less than their vinyl sheds do but a superb structure all the same.

The vinyl sheds are available both in readymade kits and pre-assembled parts. It is once again up to the user to make the choice. In any case the benefits of a vinyl shed can nevertheless be reaped. The vinyl sheds show no symptom of rusting, something that the metal shed is very prone to. Then these sheds are also resistant to any form of pest or insect attack.

Unlike the wooden sheds, a vinyl shed doesn’t make such a tasty meal for termites which is all good for the user. In addition to these benefits, the vinyl sheds are also resistant to any weather condition. These sheds stand snow rain and frost with equal ease. In fact the longevity of the sheds does not suffer at all due to these factors. Combined, these benefits make the duramax sheds a sure winner in the race.               

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