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Windsor Street Capital ? Raising Capital for Emerging Companies
Windsor Street Capital – Raising Capital for Emerging CompaniesRaising Capital can be an overwhelming process for most emerging companies. At Windsor Street Capital we help emerging growth companies in healthcare, technology and digital media make the process not only easier, we guide you to construct an optimal financial future. It’s important to build a long-term relationship that will guide your company through all cycles of growth.It’s extremely important to choose the advisor who has in depth understanding of your industry and has a network within the industry to hel...

Things to know about Capital Gain Tax
Any gain or profit which arises in the course of the sale of a ‘capital asset’ is termed as a capital gain, this can be short term or long term capital gain depending on certain conditions. Except for few instances, generally, this gain is charged to tax in the particular previous year in which the capital asset is transferred. Capital assets include movable and immovable property such as Land, Building, and Investment in Shares, mutual funds, bonds and other financial instruments, house property, vehicles, jewelry, trademark, machinery, goodwill, patents, leasehold rights.Howe...

Aegis Capital Corp,  Meet the Teams | Robert Eide
Aegis Capital Corp has an outstanding team of financial professionals ready to meet the needs of their clients. We'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to some of our teamsHead of Debt Capital MarketsJeffrey H. GlasseMr. Glasse joined Aegis Capital in 2011 and is Managing Director and Head of Debt Capital Markets, providing financing and transaction advisory services to public and private companies. Mr. Glasse has over 25 years of experience in the leveraged finance and debt markets, arranging growth and acquisition capital, restructuring and refinancing debt for middle mar...

Top reasons to avail a working capital loan
Business finance is the life force of a healthy enterprise. Without business finance, invoices deteriorate, inventory goes undelivered, employees go unpaid, and business festers. Keeping your business finance for operational costs out of the red is perilous to success. And if you use them correctly, working capital loans for small businesses can be game changers. The working capital loans in India have become more popular among the business owners for confronting with their financial needs. Working capital loans are short-term loans that help you cover the daily operational expenses of ru...

How Much Working Capital Does Your Small Business Need?
Working capital may be a difficult concept for the small business owners to understand. Ideally, working capital is the difference between your current business assets and your current business liabilities. Your current assets may include the liquid cash available or cash equivalents like savings account, market securities such as bonds and equity, inventory etc.On the other hand, your current liabilities are the debts and obligations like supplier bills, short-term debts, rent, utilities and taxes.The working capital of your business is a reflection of its operational efficiency. If your ...

Use a Working Capital Loan to Grow Your Business
Business growth is one of the goals of any local enterprise. It may come in the form of opening up new physical stores, having an office renovation, restructuring an existing business model, or developing a new product line.However, many SMEs postpone their expansion plans simply because they don’t want to jeopardise their current cash flow situation. Fortunately, SMEs can grow and expand their businesses by making use of working capital loans. A working capital loan is a type of SME loan currently being offered by various Singapore banks. This SME loan serves to provide local e...

Venture Capital Company Orange County
 Venture Capital Company Orange County Go Venture Capital manages startup companies that need assistance with scaling their business to profitability.For your startup to succeed, you need to be great at everything. Through a combination of capital and internal strategy, we provide the resources to grow innovative startups in unexpected ways. Go Venture CapitalEarly Stage Seed and Series A VC Firm in OC

Orange County Venture Capital
 Orange County Venture Capital Go Venture Capital interprets investing in a new light. We believe that interaction with your investors shouldn’t end with a check being handed to you. We don’t just invest in your business, we add our personal expertise and resources to your arsenal.Go Venture CapitalEarly Stage Seed and Series A VC Firm in OC

Go Venture Capital | Early Stage Seed and Series A VC Firm in OC
 Go Venture Capital GO VC is an early stage venture capital firm located in Orange County, CA. The company is founded by serial entrepreneur Sean Brown.GO VC manages startup companies that need assistance with scaling their business to profitability.

Do you need Business Capital loan for Nigeria?
The business capital loan can be referred as the credit which a business requires in order to produce goods and services for its potential customers. The business capital is needed for a business for maintaining its operations.Generally, there are two forms of the business capital, debt or equity. Some of the businesses offer the ownership portion of their company in return for a finance they get. Then there are others who tend to obtain it through debt, which means they get a certain period of time in which they need to repay the amount taken, with interest.Advantages of Business capita...

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