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2These particularly are excellent at characterizing the endocannabinoid deficiency-type of syndrome. 22What it comes down is these diseases may be the first of the endocannabinoid system dysfunction 2deficiency that can be corrected and can be targeted with the endocannabinoid enhancement 2therapy that we’re all using. 2In other areas like the brain, you mentioned the Alzheimer’s disease. 2There’s also Parkinson’s. 2There are others. 2ALS has been shown. 2All of these conditions are now showing endocannabinoid dysfunction. 2That means that either the endocannabinoid hor...

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The doctor will try to identify the organ from which the yeast entered after which therapy with various anti-fungal agents such as polyenes, azoles and echinocandins. This prevents reentry of the yeast into the blood stream once it is clear. While medical cures are largely effective, the best way is to avoid the infection altogether. There are certain health precautions you can take to prevent candidiasis especially the genital Skincell Pro variety. These include: - Dry yourself thoroughly especially around the genitals after bathing or showering. This denies yeast the moisture it require...

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