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Methicone Vs Dimethicone
Silicone compounds are used for surface treatment of pigments and powders in cosmetics and personal care products manufacturing. Products such as shampoos, conditioners, lotions, creams and many others get their specificcharacteristics from surface treated pigments and powders.For manufacturers in the cosmetics and personal care products industry, surface treated powders are extremely important to roll our desired products. Understanding of key silicone compounds such as methicone in cosmetics and dimethicone in cosmetics can help with choosing the right surface treatment to be p...

Use of Food Grade Silicone Gasket
The food industry is an extremely challenging sector. Every mechanical part used in this industry should also be certified food grade to avoid contamination of foods that are consumed by masses. Silicone gasket manufacturer serves the food industry with the food grade silicone gasket for various applications.Industrial plants managing edible products have to be extra careful. In the consumer-driven markets, products that cause health issues or are found stale/inedible when it reaches the end user can attract a lot of negative attention. It might even result in severe outcomes suc...

Need for Integrated Data and Rising Demand for Construction is Boosting the Sili
Market Synopsis  Silicone oil is a liquid polymerized siloxane with organic side chains. It is also known as polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). The compound is colorless, transparent, viscous liquid that can be obtained in a wide range of viscosities. Viscosity is interlinked to the molecular weight of the silicone polymer. It offers various significant properties such as high thermal stability, low surface tension, oxidation stability, chemical inertness, high shear stability & viscoelasticity, high thermal conductivity, excellent dielectric properties, incompressible as well as are ...

Polyether Modified Silicone Oil
The polyether modified silicone oil is a unique silicone nonionic surfactant which is obtained by graft copolymerization of polyether and dimethylsiloxane. Introduction: When making products, polyether modified silicone oil can obtain various silicone surfactants with different properties by modifying the number of silicone oil chains or changing the ratio of polyether Eo to Po and changing the number of chain links and terminal groups, to meet the needs of a variety of industries. Use ofmodified silicone oil:1. In the plastic greenhouse industry: it can be added as an...

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