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User Experience Research A Great Way to Evaluate User Experience
User experience research is an important aspect of consumer analysis as it includes an evaluation of an end user's overall interaction with the company, its products, and services. When consumer needs are not met, your user experience ratings drop, which can be an indicator that something in your business formula is a miss. Knowing what aspect of your business is putting clients off is one way to fix the problem and maximize the quality of your products and services so you can generate more trust, patronage, and profit. Here are some of the top benefits of user experience research to help you ...

Have an US Mailing Address and Make Your Shopping Experience Hassle-Free!
Well, having a US mailing address gives you the flexibility of shopping from any US-based site and sell goods to US residents. Besides this, it can also let you save some time and money. Before you shop from a US site or sell to US based customer, you need to know the total cost of the shipment from the US warehouse to your doorstep or from your place to the warehouse. All this will keep you away from the headache and disappointment about final bill. Ultimately, it prevents you from going over your budget.While shopping, you should include your computation of shipping charges, any duties or cu...

Customer Experience: The Hottest Buzzword in Business These Days
Customer Experience or more popular its abbreviated form CX is the ubiquitous term in business these days. But what exactly this term is? This question may nod in the mind who are new in their business. So, let’s first start with defining the word is the sum of all touchpoints and interactions a customer has with the company.Nowadays, a customer can interact with brands of companies in more ways than ever. Either visiting through the website, browsing company’s products, reading customer reviews or go through the advertisement – all without speaking a single person. Techn...

Ambassadors Sydney designed for an interactive product experience
Ambassadors Sydney One of the most compelling attributes of Ambassadors Sydney imaging is how interactive the experience is while viewing a product in 360 or in operation. The secret to the magic is in the viewer itself. We spent hundreds of hours and invested a great deal of resources to deliver a powerful solution for our clients so they can maximize their investment in our imaging. Not only is it optimized for an in-store experience for online shoppers, but also works seamlessly across desktop and mobile to ensure it reaches the broadest audience possible, no matter what device they're shop...

The Importance of Managing Customer Experience
Making your customers happy is the chief concern for any business. I make it sound like a simple task but there are only a handful of companies that have truly been able to master the art of customer satisfaction. These are the companies that have grown exponentially and have been able to retain a very loyal customer base. This customer base has been the foundation for their success. As said before, managing customer experience is an art and your organization has to work hard and follow certain principles to be able to master it.Whether you choose to handle customer service in-house or cho...

US Open 2017 || TENNIS || Championship US Open Tennis TV Coverage
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Why Twitter has moved its non-US accounts away from the US and the NSA
Last week, Twitter updated its privacy policy.The new policy states that the microblogging site now has a two-lane service, meaning that US and non-US accounts are treated differently. If you live in the US, your account is controlled by Twitter Inc. which is based in San Francisco. If you live outside the US, your account is now controlled by Twitter International Company, which is based in Dublin, Ireland.So what’s the big deal?Well, because Twitter Inc is headquartered in the US, it is forced to comply by US law, including any court requests for the site to hand over u...

Utilizing Onboarding Software to Create a Better Onboarding Experience
Companies can lose a lot when one of their newly hired employees decides to resign within their90 dayson the job. They can lose the time and money they spent on recruiting, interviewing, and hiring that employee. In addition, the company can then be forced to invest even more resources in hiring another new employee and suffer any losses due to being down a productive team member. If your company doesn’t focus on employee retention right from the beginning of a new hire’s tenure, you should also be preparing yourself for a huge loss.There are avariety of reasons for why some empl...

US Open
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US Open
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