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Ice Da Loudest "SPICY" feat Woopty Woop
Download Now on iTunes! http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1252750099?ls=1&app=itunes "BIG #MESSGANG BIG #ICEYGANG" AWWWWWWWWWIG: ice_da_loudest @GHETTOZFAVORITEProduced by: @easyeuropeanShot by @directorcloudkickapiff 

How Can Brands Get Customer Research and Insights in 24 Hours Now?
A well-established fact of modern market is that brands who focus more on customers than the company can successfully engage customers. It also leads to high customer satisfaction and retention. In this era of customers, it thus becomes critical to know them better so that the brand can provide more personalised and satisfactory products and services.Hence, to get a clearer picture of what customers want, brands are using a range of analytic tools. These tools help provide real-time research and insight with data pulled out from their interacting environment on the internet. The idea behind ...

Real Customer Advocates Vs. Paid Influencers: Who Wins the Battle?
When it comes to internet and relevant marketing, words like advocates and influencers are much in use at present. This hints towards the importance of these jargons towards small to medium businesses. While business owners traditionally prefer communicating directly towards the client pool, most companies are emphasizing on Customer advocacy programs for better acceptance and credibility among the customers.Such kind of marketing involves trusted, low cost, freelance advocates who deliver messages to the clients.Why is advocacy important?It is evident from the market surveys that consum...

Before the Internet
efore the Internet, you would just sit in an armchair with a book open on your lap, staring into space or staring at a decorative broom on the wall—kind of shifting back and forth between those two modes of being.Before the Internet, you might take it upon yourself to do a drawing. You’d quietly start sketching something in a notebook, not sure what it was, but you’d let inspiration guide you and then—woop!—turns out you’d drawn a squiggly alligator with a cockeyed approach.Before the Internet, you’d have yawning summer afternoons when you’d flop...

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