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In the modern times it is very difficult to choose your partner, because lot of people are working in their offices , having high class society parties , drinking too much alcohol all has led to the problems of impotency in men and women. Due the hectic schedule the love life has been at a threat for everyone, the boys suffer with a problem of lack of emotions while girls are interested in keeping men in the friends’ zone. This causes lot of behavioral problems amongst most men and women. Workplace relationship is also prohibited in most of the organizations thus leading to a serious bio...

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It is said you could know whether you want a person in your life or not within first 20 seconds of meeting. A hectic life of the today it is very difficult to choose between partners, mood swings, job switches and family that who shall last for longer time. The human mind is always curious and wants for more. Each second of life you need new things, and keep old things in a box of memories. Similarly all the relationships in the world are termed over the word Sex, either you can have it for real or you keep doing it with yourself. But that’s the part limited to attraction. Since the attr... solution for all medical problems
The world is still standing because Adam had Eve, Romeo had Juliet, Laila had Majnu, and Angelina had Brad. Have you ever wondered about the secret of their relationship? Or why they are remembered so much when it comes to a discussion of love and lovemaking. The answer is very simple they met desires. They answered every silent call of lovemaking, understanding each other’s passions, and having balance in their worldly matters. We realize what connects a man to a woman. It is absolute passion and devotion towards their natural act of desire and appropriate sexual commitments. Why do we...

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When man sees a woman he pictures herself warming his bed and a flame starts between them. Ever wondered why you are attracted to someone, totally charmed and never understood why you can not equate and transfer the same intensified emotions to your partner. A sexual heat always remains unanswered, even when you hug someone you realize that the emotional brink has let you look down and that’s what you never want. You require immense control and passionate things to happen. All you feel is an early ejaculation and vanishing of all your desires. Since sex is an integral part of any relatio...

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