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Dogecoin was created on December 6, 2013 by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. The coin was introduced to the cryptocurrency market as a joke but quickly become popular with traders and miners alike. Over the years, Dogecoin has been a good coin to buy low and sell high however this trend was last bucked in April of 2019 and since has received little newsworthy attention.

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that is mined on the Scrypt algorithm with Graphics Cards (GPU) and Processors (CPU) with a total supply of 125 Billion DOGE. The DOGE community sets itself apart for being a fun and friendly group, contrary to most other crypto ventures which are largely based on utility or future market valuation.

Generally speaking, Dogecoin is a safe store of wealth and safe investment when purchased at historically low prices and has a stable long-term outlook as mass de-adaptation of dogecoin is unlikely.

Moon Dogecoin

Moon Dogecoin is a coin faucet which allows you to claim free Dogecoin every 5 minutes. The site is sponsored by ads and pays out to a CoinPot Wallet. After you have setup your CoinPot wallet you can login to the Moon Dogecoin website and begin claiming your free Dogecoin.

Typically, when someone refers to a coin and the Moon it is in reference to the price of the coin skyrocketing “to the moon”. Which could an astronomical number which in the industry, you could experience 100%-1000% gains on your investment. Moon is used as a reference to pump up the value of a coin where coin holders are looking to cash out at a high value.

In spirit of good fun, which is the basis of DOGE coin in general, we have created a Moon Dogecoin image. In the for-front is the traditional D for Dogecoin and the Shiba Inu dog-breed from the original meme. In the background we have overlaid an image of the Moon.

Moon Dogecoin

If you are interested in acquiring Dogecoin join the Moon Dogecoin faucet and start receiving instant deposits into your CoinPot Wallet! When you acquire enough Dogecoin, you can withdraw it to cold-storage or cash it out on an exchange!

Dogecoin Faucet List

Dogecoin Faucets will send dogecoin for free to your DOGE wallet. All you need is a wallet address and you can begin claiming free Dogecoin, daily, hourly or even every few minutes! We have provided this list of sites you can visit to start earning dogecoin, your only investment is your time. Please note that there are a number of faucets out there that attempt to hi-jack your browser, we have intentionally left these sites off our list but you may find them on other lists. Stick with us, we are only bringing you the best!

Before getting started, many of these sites will require you to have a FaucetPay account, a Dogecoin Wallet and if you plan on re-investing your Dogecoin a Coin Payments account. Setting those up before-hand will save you a little bit of time when collecting your payouts.

Dogecoin Auto-Faucets

These faucets will earn you bitcoin on auto-pilot. Just set it up once and you're done! When you have extra Dogecoin, come back to these websites to deposit them here to earn even more dogecoin!

VOD Crypto0.85% - 2.15% Daily7.50/10.00
Doge Mining Game2% Daily7.00/10.00

Dogecoin Faucets

These faucets are mostly manual or semi-auto. Either way, you will have to do a bit of work to collect your dogecoin. We suggest visiting the highest rated faucets as these have less ads and are less obtrusive.

Moon Dogecoin5 Minutes9.50/10.00
AutoFaucetNo Limit9.00/10.00
Fire FaucetAuto / 60 Seconds9.00/10.00
Ad-Doge10 Minutes8.00/10.00
DogBitsFree3 Minutes5.00/10.00
Larvel FaucetHourly3.00/10.00

DOGE Reinvestment

Holding Dogecoin is important but re-investing your holdings is arguably even more important! This way, you will be earning more Dogecoin all the time! Before getting started with this we suggest to setup a Coin Payments which will be used to facilitate the transfer of Dogecoin.

MyMicroProfits3.12% Daily8.00/10.00
VOD Crypto0.85% - 2.15% Daily7.50/10.00
Doge Mining Game2% Daily7.00/10.00
913 Crypto0.16% Daily5.00/10.00

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