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Guns of Glory

Guns of Glory

This online guide is a walkthrough full of tips, tricks and strategy that will teach you how to play and help you progress through the game to grow your estate larger and faster then your counterparts. As always, the goal of any game is to have fun and we hope this guide helps you to learn techniques in order to make your gameplay more enjoyable. Although, this is not a wiki that can be edited or modified by the general public, it is comparable to a full game guide or encyclopedia and visitors are welcome to utilize it as a forum to comment on any pages or topics which are published. With this the community can affect the content provided on the pages by simply commenting or making suggesstions or recommendations.

Guns of Glory is a game developed by Fun Plus, Diandian Interactive Holding and is available on Android and iOS. The game was initially released on September 21, 2017 and has grown to one of the industries to grossing mobile games. The game is packed with many things to do which include engaging in war, gathering resources, exploring catacombs, building your castle and estate as well as doing research in order to strengthen your lord.

This game can be played for free however many players who do not make some purchases in the game may find it hard to compete with other players. With that said, the game is frequently touted as a pay to play game where the players who spend the most money gain the largest advantages fastest.

Some examples of this are when the developer releases an update which could take free players a year to fully maximize and apply attribute stats bonuses, and a pay to play player could apply the full stats bonus in a day or a few months depending on the amount they spend. For some people, this can add to the excitement in the game while others may find it discouraging.

Guns of Glory is an incredibly fun game to play. There are countless things to do and you can find yourself keeping busy all day with tasks or playing politics with other players in your kingdom.

Shortly after the game was released, bots and apk software packages were released to give some players an edge over others. Since then, Fun Plus has largely cracked down on these hacks or what they view as game cheats and eliminated countless bot accounts whilst largely leaving the main accounts that took part in the cheats in tact. This has led some of these players to have an edge over players who did not use bots to amass resources more quickly then players who did not use APK's to get an edge over other players.

Fun Plus is constantly releasing updates and patches to the game. New equipment and other upgrades are released on an almost monthly basis. In most cases, these new items can be acquired for free by simply playing the game but can also be purchased to give the player buying the items an immediate edge over those who are not willing to pay for the new items.

As new updates are released to Guns of Glory, this guide will continue to be updated with new and relevant information in order to keep players informed.



FunPlus releases updates for Guns of Glory every 2-4 weeks. These updates commonly include new features in the game, adjustments to rewards and adjustments to gold top deals and daily deals accordingly to make previously expensive equipment more affordable.

If Fun Plus has issued an update to Guns of Glory and you have not yet received the update you can search Game Center or the Play Store for Guns of Glory where you should find an option to update your version of the game. If the option to update does not show up, check back in 1-2 hours as the CDN (Content Delivery Network) may not have issued the update to the server you are requesting it from.

It should be noted that updates are deployed to the Guns of Glory Asia version of the game prior to being released to the main Guns of Glory app. By doing this, it allows the developers a chance to “beta” test the application before going live to the main application. At which point they may be able to plan for updates or patches prior to the release which is being applied to the Guns of Glory App. This also gives players a chance to get a sneek peak of updates where screenshots are commonly shared in the Official Guns of Glory Facebook Group.


Alliances are formed in Guns of Glory in order to create groups of people who work together to grow. There are many advantages of being in an alliance or even running your own alliance. The main advantages are that you are stronger as a group and less likely to be attacked by other players and that you reap rewards from group events such as defeating Underworld Villains, completing the Red Guard Raid Event, and working together to defeat captains in Red Guard Camps.

An alliance consists of members who have different ranks, between R1 and R5. R5 is the title granted to the leader who has more permissions than any other member in the alliance. R4 members largely consist of players who assist the leader in day to day operations of an alliance and may work as diplomats to form bonds and partnerships with other alliances. In general, leadership (R4 and R5) will grant lower level members promotions when they do things like donate to the alliance for perks or take part in events.

Alliance Buildings

Alliance buildings can be placed by the Alliance Leader. In most cases, some pre-planning where these buildings will go within your territory will help. Things like grouping your stronger members around the Underworld Gates, placing towers strategically for UAC or to increase the size of your territory and having a good place for members to gather from a Iron Mine, Silver Mine, Lumberyard or Farm.

Alliance Farm

The Alliance Farm is largely utilized by new alliances who are building buildings which require food and wood, as well as doing research. Food can also be used to grow your army however if your army is too large, you will not be able to store food beyond what your warehouse can hold as your troops will eat it too quickly. For this reason most experienced players store food in their items rather than gathering it.

Alliance Fortress

The Alliance Fortress is the center of your Alliance Territory. When you place this, you will want it in a good location that allows you to grow around it. No matter what, this is the center of your alliance territory. Putting it in a good location that affords your alliance space to grow is important and having it in a location where resources are plenty is also a must. Some alliances place their Fortress next to the Forest, near the Great Hall or Kingdom Palace. For smaller alliances, they might find safety in places further away from this location.

If your Alliance Fortress is demolished or destroyed, all of your buildings will be destroyed along with it. Any troops in the Alliance Hospital will be lost and saved resources in the warehouse will also be lost. Take care to protect your fortress and if it is being destroyed, heal all troops and collect resources from the warehouse as quickly as possible.

Alliance Hospital

The Alliance Hospital is a place for wounded troops to go when Hospitals in your estate are full. The Alliance Hospital requires honor to heal troops. Some alliances choose not to place an Alliance Hospital touting the fact that troops are very expensive to heal and if the Hospital does not exist, most of those troops end up in the Sanctuary instead.

Alliance Iron Mine

The Alliance Iron Mine is most useful for players upgrading castles from 20 to 25 and for players from 26-30 who are completing research.

Alliance Lumberyard

The Alliance Lumberyard is largely the least utilized of all of the resource gathering buildings. Wood is used early in the game (unless you use Opulence or Splendor equipment) and is also used heavily for level 26 combat research and above.

Alliance Silver Mine

The Alliance Silver Mine is required when trying to push castles from 26 to 30. Without a silver mine, it is difficult to collect the amount of silver to make those upgrades, especially castle 29, 30 and above.

Alliance Tower

The Hall of Heroes contains Leaderboards, Bounties, Alliance Celebration, Hero Achievements and a Hero Store. This is a vital building for keeping track of your rank in the kingdom, your alliances rank, and to use Bounty Parcels when members of your alliance raise bounties.

Sometimes it is important to remind people in your alliance to raise bounties in the Hall of Heroes. People may forget and bounty parcels start to stack up. By reminding them about the bounties, a domino affect can occur and where members may not have had enough coins to raise a bounty before, they can quickly add up and have enough to raise more bounties.

Alliance Warehouse

The Alliance Warehouse is a place for you to store resources that you have gathered. This can include wood, food, iron and silver. There is a load limit that you can send to the Alliance Warehouse each day as well as a maximum total capacity that can be stored.

Resources in the Alliance Warehouse are safe from being plundered however if your Alliance Fortress is demolished or destroyed, you will lose those resources.

Hall of Heroes

The Hall of Heroes contains Leaderboards, Bounties, Alliance Celebration, Hero Achievements and a Hero Store. This is a vital building for keeping track of your rank in the kingdom, your alliances rank, and to use Bounty Parcels when members of your alliance raise bounties.

Sometimes it is important to remind people in your alliance to raise bounties in the Hall of Heroes. People may forget and bounty parcels start to stack up. By reminding them about the bounties, a domino affect can occur and where members may not have had enough coins to raise a bounty before, they can quickly add up and have enough to raise more bounties.

Strategy Center

The Strategy Center is used specifically used to deploy strategies on your alliance, another alliance or a particular enemy. Some strategies benefit your alliance and can increase the speed at which you gather, build or do research. It is important to use these strategies during the Gold Event in order to give members of your alliance the upper hand and the opportunity to rank in the Top 10 for any given event.

Other strategies will help you in times of war or recovery which can include deploying peace shields for your entire alliance, speeding up healing, increasing defending troop strength and more.

Attack Strategies:

  • Teleport Freeze - Prevents target from teleporting for 2 hours
  • Doom Canon - Kills 5%-20% of all troops in a 3x3 tile area
  • Poisoned Water - 1%-10% of all wounded troops in an Alliance are killed outright. Does not include troops in Alliance Hospital
  • Lightning March - Increase March Speed by 20% to 40% for 60 to 180 minutes.

Defensive Strategies:

  • Disruption - Disrupts any incoming enemy Strategy that is currently being boosted
  • Alliance Shielding - Provides a 4 hour Peace Shield to all members of an alliance
  • Enemy Eviction - Destroys the wall of an enemy in your alliance territory and sends them to a random place on the kingdom map.
  • Defense of Fire - All alliance members receive a 20% increase in Attack of all defending troops for 720 minutes.
  • Group Vengeance - All alliance members gain Vengeance Alert for 4 hours.

Development Strategies:

  • Medical Supplies - 50% increase in healing speed for 720 Minutes
  • Rapid Researcher - 20% increase in research speed for 720 Minutes
  • Building Booster - 20% increase in building speed for 720 Minutes
  • Nimble Harvester - 50% increase in gathering speed for 720 Minutes

Underworld Gates

The Underworld Gates can be opened once every two days, provided your alliance has donated enough keys. Underworld Keys can be obtained from doing Red Guard Rallies and usually found in the Red Guard Bonus Chest. Each member of your alliance should donate keys to open the Underworld Gates Regularly and it is good to rally Underworld Villains on a set schedule (usually when most people are online and playing). By having your rallies scheduled, members will do their best to log on and help to fight the Villain.

There are multiple levels of Villains which are different strengths and offer better rewards the more difficult the Villain is. One thing to keep in mind when selecting a Villain is to know the strength of your alliance and not select a Villain that you cannot defeat. If you do not defeat the Villain you will miss out on many rewards than if you had selected an easier Villain.

Alliance Donations

Alliance donations contribute to Alliance Knowledge and add to the benefits to being in an alliance. These bonuses can consist of stats improvements for your army, gathering speed improvements, additional rally spots and increasing alliance membership capacity. When you use resources or gold to donate to an alliance the add to your Alliance Honor Points and are largely repaid when rewards for donating to the alliance are sent out. The Top 3 donators to an alliance receive the most rewards and everyone else who receives an equal amount if they have made enough donations to qualify.

Alliance donations also help to improve the alliance by providing new buildings like places to gather Food, Wood, Iron or Silver as well as Warehouse Storage, an Alliance Hospital, Underworld Gates and the Hall of Heroes.

Alliance Rank

The Alliance Rank in your kingdom can play a pivotal role in your influence on the kingdom. Being in a high ranking alliance and being in a position of power in the alliance will allow you to influence decisions that are made in the kingdom. Some kingdoms find themselves in a state of peace with treaties across alliance borders allowing members to play without worry of attack, without a peace shield.

The rank of the alliance is a combined score of all of the members in a particular group. In some cases in order to gain influence, protection or greater rewards, some alliances may merge, giving them a larger combined power and improving their rank in the kingdom.

The largest factor with your Alliance Rank is the ability to participate in UAC or the Ultimate Alliance Campaign. If your alliance is not in the Top 10, you will not be able to participate in this event and can cause feuds between alliances who are ranked 10 and 11, where they fight for power and position to be able to compete in the UAC event.

If your alliance needs more power to improve it’s rank, it is always a good idea to reach out to other alliances and suggest a merge. Otherwise, you may consider looking at the internals of your alliance and ask how you can work to grow your alliance from within and with the players you currently have. This may be by sharing tips, resources, and working together to empower each other however you can.

Alliance Store

The Alliance Store is filled with useful items. The store can be stocked by R4 or R5 members in an alliance.

Items included in the alliance store:

  • Lord Rename
  • 24h Lumberyard Extra Labor
  • 60m Speedup
  • 5m Speedup
  • 12h Defense Boost
  • Airship Rename
  • March Recall
  • 12h Attack Boost
  • 24h Farm Extra Labor
  • Airship Ability Reset
  • Portrait Change
  • 24h Iron Mine Extra Labor
  • 8 Hour Peace Shield
  • 8h Gathering Cart Boost
  • Fortress Teleport
  • 100 VIP Points
  • Random Teleport
  • 3h Speedup
  • Airship Abilities Reset
  • 24h Silver Mine Extra Labor
  • Lord Talent Points Reset
  • Advanced Teleport
  • Rally Recall

Honor Points

Honor Points are accumulated by your lord when you participate in certain events with your alliance or you make donations to Alliance Knowledge. Honor Points can be used when healing troops in the Alliance Hospital or by buying items out of the Alliance store.

If your alliance has an Alliance Hospital, it is in your best interest to save your Honor Points to heal your troops. Some alliances opt out of having an Alliance Hospital, if this is the case you can freely spend your Honor Points in the Alliance Store without worry of not having enough honor points to cover the cost of healing your troops.


Beasts can be defeated to gain Lord Experience, Airship Experience, Assault Components, Iron, Silver, Crafting Materials, Aristocrat Chests, Equipment Design Fragments, Guard Experience and more. When attacking beasts it is best to attack the highest level beast your troops can handle. The higher the level beast, the greater the reward.

As you progress through the game, the recommended power to defeat a beast becomes less important as you will acquire stats boosts from equipment, research, glory banners and your airship that are not calculated into your total troop power. So in order to gauge what level beast you can defeat it is in your best interest to continue attacking higher level beasts until you are defeated.

After you have been defeated once, you know what your strength is and you can continue attacking that level beast until you have made sufficient upgrades to attack higher.


Creation Crests

Creation Crests are items that can be embedded into your creation’s equipment. These are extremely important to pay attention to as refining them can have a drastic impact on your attack power, defense, hit points and parry damage. As you progress through the catacombs the game will automatically reward you with crests for completing floors. It is up to you to embed the crests into your equipment and refine the crests to their maximum level.

As a strategy of using crests to proceed through floors in the catacombs we suggest to use the Warrior talent tree paired with executioner equipment. When refining the crests, refine each crest equally until all of your crests are level 4. At this point, proceed to refine Defense (Steadfast) and Hit Points (Recovery) crests. As you do this, each crest will carry you further through the 8th level until ultimately you will be able to complete 8-10 by either enhancing your equipment, refining your crests and doing creation research (or a combination of all 3).

Types of Creation Crests that are available:

  • Berserker Crest (Improves Creation Attack)
  • Force Crest (Improve Creation Firepower)
  • Rebellion Crest (Improves Creation Parry Damage)
  • Steadfast Crest (Improves Creation Defense)
  • Recovery Crest (Improves Creation Health)
  • Onslaught Create (Greatly Improves Creation Attack)

By refining your crests you will find that you creation can become much stronger relatively quickly.

Creation Equipment

Each set of creation equipment in guns of glory has different stats and slots for creation crests. It is important to choose the right equipment depending on the Talent tree you are using (Brutal, Warrior or Explosive).

Talent Trees and Equipment are strongly suited pairing as follows:

  • Brutal - Enforcer Equipment (Devestator, Wild, Savage)
  • Warrior - Executioner Equipment (Fearless, Protector, Gallant)
  • Explosive - Assassin Equipment (Destruction, Scarlet, Heatseeker)

In order to have the most powerful equipment as possible, it is important to choose a set that will get you through the initial catacombs (Executioner) as well as help you proceed through the creation arena which may include a variety of pieces from each different type of equipment. The best way to choose armor for the creation arena is to look and see what others are using or looking closely at the skill trees and pairing them with equipment that makes you incredibly strong (attack) or indestructible (defense). However, a heavily defended creation may have trouble proceeding through the Arena as it may encounter a large number of draws as it is unable to defeat opponents in a timely manner.

Estate Buildings

Buildings in your estate attribute to your strength, how quickly you can produce troops, your hospital capacity, resources produced and more. These buildings play a huge role on how successful you will be in the game. Depending on your strategy, if it is your main castle (not a farm), it is usually a good idea to keep all buildings upgraded to your castle level or one level below. Some lords may however elect to move their castle ahead several levels, especially if they have an abundance of resources, either from plundering other lords or with assistance from members in your alliance.


In the beginning of the game it is important to research heavily on Development, Economy and March Slots (found in Combat). By researching these areas your troops will be well equipped to gather resources for you and you will be able to build buildings and complete research faster.

Another area that should not be overlooks is your creation. By completing easy research tasks for your creation, you can work to push your creation to floor 55, where he or she can proceed to plunder for resources or other items that are crucial to strengthening your lord.


The Catacombs in Guns of Glory have recently been updated to Catacombs 2.0. The updated version of the Catacombs offers a more entertaining story line and more inspiration to explore deeper through the catacombs then in the previous version. Major changes that have been made include updated background scenes, story line and big changes to the rewards system, how equipment and crests are acquired and how ancient coins are acquired and used. In order to keep this guide as up to date as possible we won’t discuss much about Catacombs 1.0 and focus on the newly released update because this is the version that is currently available and Catacombs 1.0 has become obsolete.

The Catacombs are an important part of the game that in the beginning was largely overlooked as just a mini game in Guns of Glory which was largely deemed as boring but the ability to plunder floors or now rooms offered a great opportunity to get vast amounts of Food, Wood, Silver and Iron easily. In order to do this, your creation must be a certain strength, with good equipment, strong chests and at least level 35 experience. With the update, this is largely the same except for the cooldown feature has been removed and replaced with stamina.

In order to complete floors, your creation must have enough Strength, Defense and Hit Points to over come any beasts and the final Guardian of each floor. If your creation is too weak, you will be required to make upgrades to your equipment, refine crests and gain more experience to overcome these beasts. The further you get into the catacombs, to more coins you will receive and the better the rewards.

The catacombs are incredibly important because they offer you an alternative to gathering resources alone and can make large upgrades like your Castle, Wall and expensive Research affordable. The new Catacombs affords you to plunder floors a certain number of times per day. After you have reached the deepest floor possible in catacombs it is important to continue to plunder floors you have previously completed like clock work. Continuing on this path with guarantee you will have a strong creation and receive the most rewards possible in order to strengthen not only your estate but your army as well.

Event Center

The Event Center will show you what events are going on and when they end. A lot of times events might be going on in your kingdom that you are unaware of, so it is important to check in here to see if there are rewards you could be getting that you currently do not receive.

Events Include:

  • Crown Invasion
  • Ultimate Alliance Campaign
  • Underworld Challenge
  • Gold Event
  • Night Siege
  • Kingdom Threat
  • Red Guard Raid
  • Creation Arena
  • Wild Thing Event


The Munitions Exchange is reset daily and allows you to collect resources (food, wood, silver and iron) as well as steel once daily. The amount of resources you can collect is affected by the level of your Munitions Exchange. Another advantage of visiting the Munitions Exchange daily is that it counts towards your daily rewards bonus found in the Inn.

The higher the level of your Munitions Exchange, the larger the resource rewards and the more Free Used Arms you can use each day. After you have used all of your Free Used Arms, you can continue to purchase resources or steel with gold.

Upgrading this building and applying Glory Banners to it will afford you Cavalry Damage Received reduction benefits as well as when you pass Level 30, Cavalry Attack and Defense bonuses.

Munitions Exchange

The Munitions Exchange is reset daily and allows you to collect resources (food, wood, silver and iron) as well as steel once daily. The amount of resources you can collect is affected by the level of your Munitions Exchange. Another advantage of visiting the Munitions Exchange daily is that it counts towards your daily rewards bonus found in the Inn.

The higher the level of your Munitions Exchange, the larger the resource rewards and the more Free Used Arms you can use each day. After you have used all of your Free Used Arms, you can continue to purchase resources or steel with gold.

Upgrading this building and applying Glory Banners to it will afford you Cavalry Damage Received reduction benefits as well as when you pass Level 30, Cavalry Attack and Defense bonuses.

Spirit Mines

The Spirit Mines in Guns of Glory are a great test of your strength against other players in other kingdoms. Here you will fight for your place in Crystal Quarries, attempting to gather as many Lazarus Crystals as possible. These crystals can be traded in for many valuable items including Gemstone Fragments, Airship Experience and Components, VIP Points, Resources, Equipment Design Fragments, Material Chests, Aristocrat Badges, Craftsman Tools and more.

When playing in the Spirit Mines it is important to know your limits. There will be certain level mines where you will last only a few minutes and others where you can gather for a full 10 hours at a time. What level mine you choose to gather is may largely depend on how much time you are willing to put in holding crystal quarries.

If you are very busy and have things to do in real life, you should gather in zones where you are comfortable that you won’t or will be unlikely to get kicked out of. If you have free time and want to collect as many crystals as possible, you can venture deeper into the mines and look for open spaces or other players you can kick out of the mines.

When battling other players for a position in the mines, you will notice that your stats, march capacity, guards, equipment and airship all play major roles in who will win the battle for a Crystal Quarry. In some cases, small changes to your airship or troop formation will mean the win or the loss of a mine. If you are more interested in collecting Laurus Crystals then resource tiles, it can be a good idea to update your Talent Tree for War. These war stats are carried over into the mine. For the largest effect, you can update your talent tree, apply buffs, keep your best equipment on and use a March Capacity wonder and Talent. Once these are applied, they will remain until you reset the Spirit Mines.

Trap Factory

The Trap Factory is a building where you can build traps to defend your estate. Traps are effective against infantry, cavalry and distance troops. Artillery troops are not affected by traps.

Traps Include:

  • I - Seige Rocks - Affective against Infantry
  • I - Caltrops - Affective against Cavalry
  • I - Mounted Morters - Affective against Distance Troops
  • II - Death Rollers - Affective against Infantry
  • II - Bear Traps - Affective against Cavalry
  • II - Mounted Culverins - Affective against Distance Troops
  • III - Boiling Water - Affective against Infantry
  • III - Spiked Trenches - Affective against Cavalry
  • III - Mounted Cannons - Affective against Distance Troops
  • IV - Flaming Oil - Affective against Infantry
  • IV - Fougasses - Affective against Cavalry
  • IV - Thunder Canons - Affective against Distance Troops

It is important to build traps that are affective against each type of troop. Building traps that are only affective against Infantry will leave you vulnerable to attacks from Cavalry and Distance troops. Higher level traps have higher health and attack attributes and add more power to your estate then low level traps.


Your warehouse protects resources from enemy raids and plundering. The warehouse has a limit on the amount of resources it can protect. Keeping this building upgraded is to your benefit and will also allow you to receive Army Damaged Received reductions when glory banners are applied to it. Research in the Development tree of the Academy will add additional storage protection, certain equipment and wonders can add additional storage to your warehouse.

Another benefit of having an upgraded warehouse makes it so your troops can only consume so much food for upkeep. If your warehouse can store 500k food, your troops can only eat any amount than you have greater than 500k. When you have 500k food left, the consumption of food will stop.


Guns of Glory is loaded with events that happen on an almost daily basis. By taking part in these events you can earn various rewards that will help you progress through the games.

Gold Event

The Gold Event is one of the most prominent parts of the game. This event lasts a full week and is divided between several stages where you compete against others in your kingdoms for points and a chance at ranking in the top 10. There are rewards at the end of each stage as well as at the end of the Gold Event. So you can receive rewards for a high ranking in one stage and additional rewards for your final rank at the end of the Gold Event.

The stages that make up the Gold Event consist of the following (in the following order):

  • Gathering Stage
  • Building & Upgrade Stage
  • Astrologer Stage
  • Training Stage
  • Kill Event

Each stage offers it’s own rewards for completing it, your total accumulated points between all 5 stages is your total score at the end of the Gold Event which determines the rewards your will receive for participating.

Even if you have a lower level castle, it is still possible to achieve high rankings in the Gold Event. By dedicating yourself to finishing well in each stage, you can find yourself with a Top 10 ranking by the end of the event. There are tricks to achieving a high ranking in each stage and we will provide you with tips, tricks and strategies for making it into the top 10, if not #1 ranked in each stage!

Gathering Stage

The gathering stage is straight forward. Your goal is to collect as many resources as possible from farm, lumberyard, silver or iron mine tiles or alliance buildings. To improve your chances in ranking in the top 10 for this part of the event you can utilize the following strategies.

  • Use a 24h Gathering Cart Boost (or three 8 hour gathering cart boosts) to increase your gathering rate by 50%
  • Use the Guard Constance with a maxed out Resource Gathering Speed stat boost (up to 25%) or Count of Wardes who has a Prowess which provides a 23% Gather Speed stat boost
  • Use Equipment that provides Resource Gathering Speed Improvements. These are most easily obtained by fighting beasts or by purchasing Grade 5 designs directly out of the items store. If you are looking for a larger boost, you can frequent the Auction House and purchase fragments for rare Yellow equipment fragments.
  • Ask your alliance leader or an R4 to use the Nimble Harvester strategy found in the Strategy Center to increase your Gathering Speed by 50% for 720 minutes (12 hours).
  • Although this will affect the entire kingdom, the king can also use the Bountiful Kingdom skill in order to improve resource gathering speed by 20% for 1440 minutes (24 hours).
  • Reset your talent tree and apply all Talent Points to the Economy Tree. This can greatly increase the speed at which you gather Food, Wood, Iron or Silver.
  • Use the Instant Gather Talent on five level 7 resource tiles.
  • Have VIP status activated so that you receive an additional march slot (must be VIP 8 or greater) and have your Combat I research completed to provide 3 additional march slots (March Slot I, March Slot II and March Slot III) for a total of 5 march slots.

If you have a lower level castle, it is still possible to rank in the Top 10 for the gathering stage. If you use the above strategies and apply your talents intelligently in your skill tree, you can easily be one of the most successful in your kingdom. For example, if you have enough points to improve your food, but not your iron gathering speed, put as many points as you can to increase the rate at which you gather food. Then, when gathering, only gather food for this 24 hour period.

If you are really determined to reach Top 10 in this stage, you will need to gather in your sleep. Yes, this means setting alarms every 1-3 hours (however long it takes your troops to clear a tile) and send them back out when they have returned.

To earn points gather Food, Wood, Iron or Silver. Gather 20 Food to receive 1 Point, 20 Wood to receive 1 Point, 4 Iron to receive 1 Point or 1 Silver to receive 1 Point.


  • 3x 24h Lumberyard Extra Labor
  • 1x 24h Gathering Cart Boost
  • 470 Gold

Upgrade Stage

The building and upgrade stage can be won by anyone in the kingdom, whatever size your castle. Some may think that smaller castles have an advantage over bigger castles to rank first in this event but that is largely not the case.

Some things you can do to improve your rankings in this stage:

  • Save all of your resources between gathering stages and use everything you have collected on this day only.
  • Save all speedups you collect between upgrade stages and apply them all to building or research projects on this day only.
    • Speedups can be acquired through the Alliance Store and Expeditions Store and after you get the ball rolling, you will receive many speedups by simply progressing through the Building Expedition and Research Expeditions. To progress through these expeditions simply upgrade a building and apply Glory Banners to it. Alternatively, to acquire speedups through the Research expeditions complete as much research as possible in the Combat I and Combat II trees. These research trees affect your stats in the research expedition. Development, Economy, Defense, and Creation research will not help you progress through the Research Expedition.
  • Use speedups first on buildings that allow you to use Glory Banners and on Combat I and Combat II research. After you have run out of resources look for any additional upgrades you can do that have little or no cost (by using Splendor or Opulence Equipment and Scholar Gemstones or Savant Gemstones).
  • Ask your alliance leader or an R4 to use Rapid Researcher and Building Booster to receive a 20% reduction in Build and Research time.
  • The King of your Kingdom should use the Building Boom and Bountiful Kingdom skills to reduce building and research time an additional 20%.
  • Use equipment that has Research Speed and Construction Speed improvement stats, ie. Hat of Prosperity and Merchant Shoes.
  • Use the Development Talent which reduces build time by 20% for 5 minutes. There is a short window of time to use this but apply as many speedups as you can to your buildings during this time!
  • Use Guards to reduce the amount of time to research and the amount of time to construct a building. Galileo can reduce building time by 25% and research time 20% or you can use Voltaire and Dr. Van der Beek to get similar results.
  • Temporary Wonders can also be applied to reduce research and building times. The temporary Wonders can be purchased and used for a limited time to reduce time by 20%, switching between the Architects Compass and Book of Sciences as needed.

The total amount of speedups you use, amount of resources you have and total number of buffs to reduce build and research time will all affect your ranking in this stage. The player who applies the most upgrades and accumulates the most amount of power will ultimately take #1 in this challenge.


  • 3x 60m Speedups
  • 1 Day Extra Builder
  • 510 Gold

Astrologer Stage

The Astrologer Stage is the most forward out of all the stages. Simply spin the wheel to accumulate points. Each time you spin it uses 4 sooth stones. These can be acquired in Daily Reward treasure chests and other places in the game. Entering the Tarot Reading or bonus round of the Astrologer Wheel, you can accumulate more points by using Tarot Stones.

Completing full tarot readings and spinning the Astrologer Wheel as many times as possible can give you a #1 ranking in this event. While many people may consider this event boring, you can accumulate resources, speedups and other items while participating, so it’s a good idea to use whatever stones you have.


  • 11x Sooth Stone
  • 8x Tarot Stone
  • 470 Gold

Troop Training Stage

This is a great stage to take part in if you are upgrading your troops! It is entirely possible to rank #1 especially if you are upgrading your entire army. In most cases you might only train enough troops to receive the main reward, but if you have recently upgraded your buildings and are ready to switch over your army from T9 to T10, you can have your entire army converted in all of 15 minutes.

Normally, the process of upgrading your army in this fashion can take days, weeks, even over a month to get your army just the way you want it. But, by utilizing Troop Training Stage and some clever tricks, you can do well over a month of training in just a few minutes!

In order to make the most of your speedups and resources, do the following:

  • Upgrade your Military Tents to the highest level possible
  • Use equipment that increases your training capacity and reduces training cost, ie. Iron Helmet, Ring of Protection and Heart Locket.
  • Use the Drill Drums Temporary Wonder to increase troop training speed 20%
  • Equip Galileo with 5 Star Prowess Benefits to increase troop training speed an additional 60%
  • Ask the King to use the Wartime Draft to increase training speed by 30% and to use Recruitment Drive to reduce training costs by 30%
  • Reset your Talent Tree to Balance, applying as many points to Troop Training Capacity and Training Speed as possible.
  • Activate the Population Surge Talent to reduce training time by 25% for 30 minutes

With all of these benefits stacked in place, you can quickly convert an entire army in minutes and gain millions in power, even if you have several hundred thousand troops to upgrade.

Kill Event

This part of the Gold Event largely determines the Top 10 players and who will receive the best rewards, however to be a part of the Top 10 at the end of the Gold Event can come at a cost. Even if you performed extremely well in other stages of the Gold Event, if you do not perform well in the Kill Event you will quickly get pushed out of the top 10. So it is up to you to determine whether you want to take part in this part of the Gold Event or not.

If you are participating in the Kill Event here are some things to take into consideration while playing as both skill, strategy and being able to act on a moments notice will affect your outcome.

  • Acquire discounted Advanced Teleports and Random Teleports in the Market Stall in the week(s) prior to the Kill Event.
  • Prior to the Kill Event, bookmark locations that will be suitable for you to hunt in.
  • It can be in your best interest to hunt in groups or with reinforcement troops from a stronger castle before leaving your hive.
  • When attacking, you should usually scout first and if you are concerned about getting attacked while you are attacking another player, use a strategy that entails attacking with all of your troops, which may include multiple marches.
  • To take a break during the kill event, use a 2 hour peace shield. After the peace shield drops, you are free to attack again without penalty.
  • Killing higher level troops is more effective and will give you more points than killing low level troops.

The Kill Event portion of the Gold Event lasts 3 Days. Some kingdoms have Ultimate Alliance Campaign (UAC) during this event, while others have Kingdom vs Kingdom (KVK). Established kingdoms generally have peace during this time in order to take part in the other events.

Game Strategy

Attack Strategy

The games of Guns of Glory is largely an attack and defend based game which also incorporates a large amount of diplomacy and strategy. If you are attacking other groups within your own kingdom you will want to be sure you are stronger then anyone in their entire alliance. If you attack an alliance and their strongest player can overpower you, you can quickly find yourself with huge losses in troops as a speed hit can happen quickly and devastate huge amounts of troops that you have at home.

A great way to learn attack strategies is to take part in UAC (Ultimate Alliance Campaign), where losses are forgiven and heal quickly in the kingdom hospital. When your troops are in the hospital and you are actively playing it is better to heal in 30 minute batches rather than heal them all at once which could leave you with no troops for 5 hours or longer. By healing small groups, you always have troops at the ready to attack or defend as necessary.

Kingdoms that have not yet entered into the Kingdom vs Kingdom battle to secure the crown the to the throne of their kingdom generally have a lot of in-fighting between alliances for power. These battles can be costly as the players who lose the troops could spend many weeks or even months recovering from a significant loss. Those losses can compound over a long period of time and set you back. It is always important to have a good understanding of your opponent and pre-plan your attacks sometimes weeks in advance. By watching their hive, their behavior and studying their members you can give yourself an advantage to defeating your opponents and giving them one choice which is to surrender under your conditions.

Some examples of campaigns like this may be that your alliance needs more resources or more members. If another alliance refuses to merge with you, you can use war as an option to halt them from gathering resources, destroying their buildings and demoralize them by killing their troops and plundering resources from undefended estates. Although this may sound destructive, you can give your opponents a choice to join your alliance or continue to suffer and face you on the battle field.

Later in the game you will find yourself fighting in the Spirit Mines and Musketeer’s Fort. Here you can test your strength against other players without the threat of taking troop losses. Not only that, you can change your formations, equipment, adjust your airship and make other changes to quickly improve your strength. By doing some fine tuning you can take what started out as a loss to a victory. You can learn a lot by studying the Battle Report that is provided in any battle. Most players look directly at the stats provided in the Battle Report as a means of who should win the battle however troop formation has a huge effect on the outcome of a battle.

Some things you can do to your troop formation to increase your odds of winning a Player vs Player battle is to have sufficient infantry to defend against cavalry and distance troops while having enough cavalry and distance troops to defeat their infantry and ultimately give yourself an easy win as cavalry and distance troops are not as well equipped for defense as infantry. Also, if you are sending artillery, you can try removing them from your march formations entirely as they are not only slow to march but that are configured to destroy traps and poor at killing troops.


There are a lot of items you can collect while playing Guns of Glory. These items are safe from being pillaged by other players and a strategy to storing resources largely includes keeping resource items un-opened in your items menu. Only when you need these items should they be opened.

Some items may be purchased in game while other are awarded when killing beasts or taking part in events. There are also several different shops in the game where you can purchase items, these include in the Items Store, Expedition Shop, Catacombs Trade, Mining Loot or in the Hall of Heroes.

Aristocrat Key

The Aristocrat Key is required for upgrading your estate castle, barracks, shooting range, stables and artillery foundry past level 30. In the beginning stages you may acquire a large number of Aristocrat chests, generally ignoring them, not sure what they are for. Well, when you get to CS30, it might feel like you can’t get enough of them! The aristocrat chests contain badges that can only be acquired by obtaining aristocrat keys.

So where do you get the keys? Aristocrat keys can be obtained by completing the daily rewards or by purchasing them in the Gold Top Up store. If you are just getting started playing the game, it is important to take part in as many red guard rallies as possible from CS1-CS29. This is where you obtain the chests and by keeping up with the daily rewards, you can receive up to 3 keys per day. Eventually, these keys will run out, it is inevitable and if you want to continue to make upgrades to your castle you may be forced to decide whether you want to purchase keys or continue to acquire them through the daily rewards chests or both.

Ultimately the Aristocrat Key is literally the key to obtaining Aristocrat Badges which allow you to advance your castle in further stages of the game.

Gift Envelope

The Gift Envelope in Guns of Glory is hard to receive and almost always costs money unless the developer gives it away as a gift. The envelope allows you to send certain items to other players, but is pretty limited in what and how much you can send. The Gift Envelope has largely been replaced with the Goods Exchange section of the Trade Station, which allows you to send almost anything you would want to another player in your alliance.

The Gift Envelope can currently be purchased in the Alliance Teleport pack, which provides you with 10,000 Gold, 15 Advanced Teleports, 1 Gift Envelope and an Advanced Teleport Chest to everyone in your alliance.

Goods you can send with a Gift Envelope include:

  • Gold
  • Experience Items
  • VIP Items & Experience
  • Builders
  • Estate Buffs
  • Castle Skins
  • Resource Items
  • Sooth Stones
  • Tarot Stones
  • Keys
  • Aristocrat Badges
  • Speedups
  • Crafting Materials

Rare Material Chest

The Rare Material Chest is a highly sought after item that allows you to upgrade your Demon Hunter, Retribution or Sun King equipment. It is important to note that if you craft Demon Hunter equipment and want to upgrade to Retribution, those parts that you used to craft your Crossbow can be used when you dismantle it prior to crafting your Retribution Rifle, and subsequently your Sun King Sword. The rare material fragments are not wasted when you use them to craft a piece of equipment and can be retrieved by dismantling equipment.

As updates are released, Rare Material Fragments have become easier and easier to obtain.

Currently there are several ways to obtain them, including:

  • Spirit Mines
  • Subscription
  • Shooting Gallery
  • Red Guard Bonus Chests
  • Goods Exchange
  • As Event Rewards
  • Deals of the Day
  • Gold Top-Up

Unless you purchase Rare Materials in a large quantity to make your upgrade quickly, it is generally an item you will acquire over time allowing you to make your upgrades slow and steady.

Red Guard Key

The Red Guard Key in Guns of Glory will give you a bonus chest every time you successfully attack a Red Guard Camp. The Red Guard Keys can be acquired at the Inn by completing the daily rewards challenges and opening up the Daily Rewards chests where you can receive up to 3 Red Guard Keys per day.

These keys are important to collect and it is important to make sure you always have more than one key on hand. If you begin attacking red guard camps and run out of keys you will not receive the bonus chests and therefore will receive half of the rewards that you would otherwise.

A good way to make sure you have more than one Red Guard Key at all times is to insure that you complete the Daily Rewards challenge in full, each day and that you attack no more than three Red Guard camps in a given day.

Bonus loot you can receive from Bonus Red Guard Chests which are acquired by having Red Guard Keys in your possession includes:

  • Lord Experience
  • Airship Experience
  • Assault Components
  • Rare Material Chest Fragments
  • Steel
  • Underworld Keys
  • Speedups
  • Crafting Materials

Resource Calculator

Adding up your resources just go a little bit easier!

Use our Excel Resource Calculator or any of our free online resource calculators to quickly add up resources your have stored in items!

Excel Resource Calculator: of Glory Resource Calculator.xlsx

Online Calculators:

If you find these tools useful, please share them with your friends!

* If you need resources quickly we suggest you check out this offer from G2G.

Food Calculator

The food calculator will allow you to calculate how many items you have stored in items quickly, just enter the quantity you have in numerical format to find out the total items you have stored.


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Calculators: Food - Wood - Iron - Silver - Excel

Iron Calculator

The iron calculator will allow you to calculate how many items you have stored in items quickly, just enter the quantity you have in numerical format to find out the total items you have stored.


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Calculators: Food - Wood - Iron - Silver - Excel

Silver Calculator

The silver calculator will allow you to calculate how many items you have stored in items quickly, just enter the quantity you have in numerical format to find out the total items you have stored.


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Calculators: Food - Wood - Iron - Silver - Excel

Wood Calculator

The wood calculator will allow you to calculate how many items you have stored in items quickly, just enter the quantity you have in numerical format to find out the total items you have stored.


If you found this useful, please share it with your friends!

Calculators: Food - Wood - Iron - Silver - Excel


Your lord in Guns of Glory is essentially you. Guns of Glory allows users to have up to 5 accounts per person or telephone number. Your lord consists of a unique name, profile picture, motto and ultimately will amass experience and power.

In your lord profile you can choose to display your equipment or have the equipment invisible to other players. Most players keep equipment display off to keep opponents guessing.


Accolades are a frame that are placed around your lord profile picture. These frames display your progress in the game and add additional benefits to your lord which can include an increase in Troop Attack, Troop Defense and Troop Health. Some accolades can be purchased with a Gold-Top up or in the Catacombs.

Most accolades can be acquired by completing expeditions or by achieving certain milestones in the game.

In-game accolades include:

Achievement Accolades

  • Conquering Hero - Benefit: Troop Attack +5.00%, Unlocked by earning 5 stars for the Heavy Plunder Achievement
  • Master Marketeer - Benefit: Troop Defense +5.00%, , Unlocked by earning 5 stars for the Farewell to Arms Achievement
  • Lord of Bounty - Benefit: Troop Defense +5.00%, , Unlocked by earning 5 stars for the Resourceful Troops Achievement
  • Arena Champion - Benefit: Troop Health +5.00%, , Unlocked by becoming Supreme Champion in the Creation Arena

Airship Expedition

  • Airship Rider - Troop Defense +2.00%
  • Airship Captain - Troop Health +2.00%
  • Lord of the Skies - Troop Attack +2.00%

Equipment Expedition

  • Snappy Dresser - Troop Attack +2.00%
  • Dashing Dandy - Troop Defense +2.00%
  • Symbol of Splendor - Troop Health +2.00%

Gemstone Expedition

  • Gem Wearer - Troop Defense +2.00%
  • Bejewelled Noble - Troop Health +2.00%
  • Sun King - Troop Attack +2.00%

Research Expedition

  • Learned Scholar - Troop Attack +2.00%
  • Master Regent - Troop Defense +2.00%
  • Renaissance Man - Troop Health +2.00%

Building Expedition

  • Skilled Builder - Troop Health +2.00%
  • Expert Engineer - Troop Attack +2.00%
  • Renowned Architect - Troop Defense +2.00%


  • Royal Duke - Troop Health +10.00%, Troop Attack +10.00%, Troop Defense +10.00%
  • Catacombs Explorer (Troops) - Troop Damage +10.00%
  • Catacombs Explorer (Infantry) - Infantry Damage +10.00%
  • Catacombs Explorer (Cavalry) - Cavalry Damage +10.00%
  • Catacombs Explorer (Distance) - Distance Damage +10.00%
  • Championship Celebrant - Troop Attack +2.00%

UAC Reward Accolades

  • Mighty Musketeer Accolade - Resource Gathering Speed +5.00%
  • Battlefield Hear Accolade - Troop Training Speed +5.00%

In comparison, the expedition accolades show your progress through the game however do not add much additional bonus to your stats as compared to the Royal Duke Accolade which affects your troop health, defense and attack; over 15 times more beneficial than the majority of the free accolades however comes at a price and lasts a week from the Gold Top Up section of the game.

As an alternative, the Catacombs Accolades can be purchased with Ancient Coins and offer 10.00% damage bonuses which is considerable when used against beasts, red guards, the wolf or even during PVP.

UAC Reward Accolades come in handy during the Gold Event and can you give you a gathering or troop training advantage of 5.00% over other people in your kingdom. Buffs like these can help you achieve Top 10 positions in the final rankings of these Gold Event stages.

Lord Experience

Lord Experience is acquired as your progress through the game. Things like killing beasts, fighting the Wolf or completing tasks or quests in the game can help you to gain more lord experience. The amount of lord experience you have effects your lord talent tree. The longer you play, the more talents you can unlock.

Lord Stamina

Your lord has a limited amount of stamina. Every lord has a maximum of 100 stamina points and minimum of 0 points. Stamina regenerates over time and the speed that it can be replenished can be improved by assigning points to Lord Stamina Recovery in the talent tree. If you urgently need stamina points, you can use Stamina Points items which can instantly add 10 or 50 stamina points depending on the item.

Stamina points are used when you attack beasts on the kingdom map or participate in red guard rallies. Depending on the level of the beast, 5, 10, 15 or 20 stamina points will be used for each attack you conduct on a beast and 20 stamina points will be used for each red guard rally you participate in.

Talent Points

Talent Points can be applied to your Lord as you accumulate experience while playing the game. The Talent Points will help your army to grow stronger, help your gather and produce resources faster as well as to increase the speed of which you train troops and your ability to heal them.

Temporary Wonders

Each kingdom has 6 Wonders. Only one play can hold each wonder at a time however one player may hold multiple wonders. Wonders can be viewed on the Wonder Map where who holds each wonder and their location is displayed. To obtain a wonder, you must beat a player who holds a wonder in battle.

Wonders have both pros and cons. The benefit of having a wonder is an improved stats bonus, the con is that it may make you a target for attack by other players in the kingdom.

Wonders you can obtain are:

  • Grand Grimoire - Special Property: Advanced Teleport with 72 Hour Cooldown, Benefit: Troop March Speed +10%
  • Enchanted Hourglass - Special Property: 8 Hour Estate Speedup with 48 Hour Cooldown, Benefit: Construction Speed +15%
  • Guardian Shield - Special Property: Upgrades all Guardian Abilities to Next Level, Benefit: Resource Production +15%, Resource Storage +15%
  • Assault Cannon - Special Property: Upgrades all Assault Abilities to Next Level, Benefits: Troop March Speed +5%, Battlefield Treatment +2%
  • Cloak of Secrecy - Special Property: Protects your estate for all Scouts, Benefit: Trap Capacity +10%
  •  Masterpiece Lock - Special Property: Increases Warehouse Resource Protection by 300%, Benefit: Storage Protection +300%

VIP Level

The VIP Level of your lord can grant you many benefits and having VIP activated at all times can help you to progress through the game faster. In some cases you can use VIP item to activate the VIP status but to keep it active you will eventually have to purchase a 1 day, 7 day or 30 day package with gold.

Depending on your level, activating VIP can apply the following attributes to your lord.

  • Quick Talent Switch
  • Increased Hospital Capacity
  • Troop Health Stats Bonus
  • Troop Attack Stats Bonus
  • Troop Defense Stats Bonus
  • Added March Slot
  • Troop March Speed Stats Bonus
  • Beast March Speed Stats Bonus
  • Lord Stamina Recovery Stats Bonus
  • Instant Building Speedup Bonus
  • Increased Resource Production
  • Increased Resource Storage
  • Additional Satchel Slots
  • Increased Health Potions
  • Additional Creation Skill
  • Increased Satchel Capacity
  • Improved Creation Initiative
  • Additional Troop Formation
  • Quick Equip Ability
  • Wounded Conversion
  • Increased Sanctuary Capacity
  • Creation Battle Skip
  • Creation Room Select
  • Increased Creation Battle Speed
  • Advanced Catacombs Plundering
  • Quick Find Crystal Quarries Ability

Your VIP Level can be increased by purchasing packs in the Daily Deal or by acquiring VIP points through other means such as in the Spirit Mines store.


Each kingdom has 6 Wonders. Only one play can hold each wonder at a time however one player may hold multiple wonders. Wonders can be viewed on the Wonder Map where who holds each wonder and their location is displayed. To obtain a wonder, you must beat a player who holds a wonder in battle.

Wonders have both pros and cons. The benefit of having a wonder is an improved stats bonus, the con is that it may make you a target for attack by other players in the kingdom.

Wonders you can obtain are:

  • Grand Grimoire - Special Property: Advanced Teleport with 72 Hour Cooldown, Benefit: Troop March Speed +10%
  • Enchanted Hourglass - Special Property: 8 Hour Estate Speedup with 48 Hour Cooldown, Benefit: Construction Speed +15%
  • Guardian Shield - Special Property: Upgrades all Guardian Abilities to Next Level, Benefit: Resource Production +15%, Resource Storage +15%
  • Assault Cannon - Special Property: Upgrades all Assault Abilities to Next Level, Benefits: Troop March Speed +5%, Battlefield Treatment +2%
  • Cloak of Secrecy - Special Property: Protects your estate for all Scouts, Benefit: Trap Capacity +10%
  •  Masterpiece Lock - Special Property: Increases Warehouse Resource Protection by 300%, Benefit: Storage Protection +300%

Red Guard Camps

Red Guard Camps can be hit be creating or joining an alliance which you or an alliance member can launch. If you take a loss during an attack on a Red Guard Camp, your troops will not be killed and a small amount may end up in the hospital. It is a good strategy to hit higher level Red Guard Camps but not so high that you are losing. You should easily win the battle but always want the highest rewards possible.

You can see what type of rewards a Red Guard will give you by clicking on the specific Red Guard Captain and seeing what chests and resources it provides when you defeat it. It is always better to attack these camps in smaller groups. When you attack in a large group, the total amount of resources awarded for winning the battle are split among the lords who helped to defeat the red guard.

If the total award for defeating a red guard is 500k Food and you defeat him with a single troop from your farm account, you will receive 500k Food to your main account. If you defeat the captain with a large group from your alliance and you deal 20% of the damage, you will only receive 100k food. So it is important to be clear with your alliance what your expectations are with Red Guard rallies, if any.

Different red guard captains also offer different Red Guard Chests. These chests contain various items including Experience, Aristocrat Chests, Food, Recruitment Banners, Bounty Parcels, Speedups, and Crafting Materials. The higher the level the red guard chest, the better your rewards will be.

To receive the Red Guard Bonus Chest you need to have Red Guard Keys in your items before attacking the camp. Every key you carry will grant you a bonus chest, which increases your rewards for each raid. Bonus chests contain better loot than a standard Red Guard Chest. This includes Lord and Airship Experience, Assault Components, Rare Material Fragments, Underworld Keys, 60m Speedups and crafting materials that you can use to create Equipment.

In order to obtain more Red Guard Keys, it is important to complete the Daily Rewards challenges presented at the Inn. You can obtain up to 3 Red Guard Keys per day.


Gift Codes

Gift codes are released by the developers somewhat frequently and are usually announced on the Guns Of Glory Official Facebook page. These are generally released as a reward for doing something or a gift for a holiday or some type of celebration.

The following gift codes have been made available by FunPlus:


In order to use gift codes go into the Game Settings Menu and Click Gift Codes. When you enter a valid gift code, rewards will be sent to you in the System Mailbox. New codes will be posted here whenever they are released. If you know of a gift code that hasn’t been posted to this page but is active, please post the code in the comments below.

Looking for the latest gift codes? It's true, it's difficult for us to keep them posted here, so we are providing you with a trick! If you are not a member of the Guns of Glory Official Group on Facebook, join! After you have joined, you can visit this link anytime to help you find the latest Guns of Glory Gift Codes!


Troops in Guns of Glory are made up of 4 different types. These are Infantry, Distance, Cavalry and Artillery. Each troop is designed for a specific purpose in combat and no two different troops are equal. Each troop has different stats which include Health, Attack, Defense, Speed, Power, Load and Upkeep. It is important to know the differences of each troop type as more of one kind over another might not always be better.


Infantry is a defensive unit and each tier is effective at defending against different types of troops

  • T1 – Musketmen – Strong defense against Cavalry
  • T2 – Pikemen - Strong defense against Distance
  • T3 – Gunmen – Strong defense against Cavalry
  • T4 – Armored Pikemen – Strong defense against Distance
  • T5 – Skirmishers – Strong defense against Cavalry
  • T6 – Spearmen – Strong defense against Distance
  • T7 – Frontline Gunners – Strong Defense against Cavalry
  • T8 –Armored Spearmen – Strong Defense against Distance
  • T9 – Royal Gunners – Strong Defense against Cavalry
  • T10 – War Masters – Strong Defense against Distance
  • T11 – Royal Duelists – Strong Defense against Cavalry
  • T12 – Royal Rogues – Strong Defense against Distance


Cavalry are an offensive unit that are strong against Infantry and Riflemen

  • T1 – Mounted Musketmen - Strong attack against Infantry
  • T2 – Mounted Swordsmen – Strong attack against Distance
  • T3 – Armored Horsemen – Strong Attack against Infantry
  • T4 – Light Dragoons – Strong Attack against Infantry
  • T5 – Cavaliers – Strong Attack against Distance
  • T6 – Chargers – Strong Attack against Infantry
  • T7 – Heavy Dragoons – Strong Attack against Distance
  • T8 – Carabiniers – Strong Attack against Infantry
  • T9 – Royal Cavaliers – Strong attack against Distance
  • T10 – Storm Riders – Strong Attack Against Distance
  • T11 – Winged Hussars – Strong Attack Against Infantry
  • T12 – Charging Cossacks – Strong Attack Against Distance


Distance troops or Riflemen are an attack unit, strong against Cavalry, Artillery and Infantry

  • T1 – Huntsmen – Strong Attack Against Cavalry and Artillery
  • T2 – Fire Starters – Strong Attack Against Infantry
  • T3 – Bomb Throwers – Strong Attack Against Infantry
  • T4 – Fusiliers – Strong Attack Against Cavalry and Artillery
  • T5 – Bombardiers – Strong Attack against Infantry
  • T6 – Heavy Bombardiers – Strong Attack against Infantry
  • T7 – Marksmen – Strong Attack Against Cavalry and Artillery
  • T8 – Sharpshooters – Strong Attack Against Cavalry and Artillery
  • T9 – Royal Grenadiers – Strong Attack Against Infantry
  • T10 – Master Marksmen – Strong Attack Against Cavalry and Artillery
  • T11 – Thunder Throwers – Strong Attack Against Infantry
  • T12 – Battlefield Elites – Strong Attack Against Cavalry and Artillery


Artillery units are good for gathering and are good at defending against and attacking traps

  • T1 – Minion Cannons – Strong Trap Defense
  • T2 – Light Mortars – Strong Attack Against Traps
  • T3 – Falconets - Strong Trap Defense
  • T4 – Bombards – Strong Attack Against Traps
  • T5 – Sakers - Strong Trap Defense
  • T6 – Heavy Mortars - Strong Attack Against Traps
  • T7 – Culverins- Strong Attack Against Traps
  • T8 –Double Destroyers - Strong Trap Defense
  • T9 – Death Launchers - Strong Attack Against Traps
  • T10 – Supercannons - Strong Trap Defense
  • T11 – Master Mortars - Strong Attack Against Traps
  • T12 – Wall Smashers - Strong Trap Defense

As you can see, every unit has it’s perks and utilizing the right troops in the right situations is essential. Artillery units largely have no place is a PVP formation in the Spirit Mines, while on the other side of the token they are essential when attacking a heavily defended enemy estate. Infantry is your main defending unit, so being sure you do research for Infantry defense and health points is essential and over-powering your Cavalry and Distance troops with attack stats bonuses can also go a long way to insuring you win a battle.

Troop Formations

Each lord can have up to 3 different troop formations. With these formations you can quickly select between one or another where you consistently use different formations for different tasks.

Formations you might consider setting up include:

  • PVE Troop Formation (Player vs Enemy or Beast)
  • PVP Troop Formation (Player vs Player)
  • Gathering Troop Formation
  • Fast Moving Troop Formation

PVE Troop Formations

A PVE Troop Formation is one of the most important troop formations you can implement into your Drill Grounds. By utilizing the right level of troops, right type of troops and the right number you can do several times more damage than if you just attack with the default set of troops that are selected.

In order to get the absolute best formation for attacking the Wolf Lord during the Kingdom Threat Event, fighting Underworld Villians, Red Guard Camps and Beasts found throughout the Kingdom Map it is recommended to train some of every level and every type of troop. If you can train up to T9 troops, you will need a combination of T1-T9 troops. To determine the absolute best troop formation, we suggest to try the PVE Troop Formation calculator from Revenge.Game.

When creating your PVE Troop Formation, it may take 1-2 months to fully dial in your troop formation and do the most damage to in game enemies. If you wish to speed this modification up, we suggest to use tips provided in our Gold Event Troop Training Stage guide. This will help you get your troops trained up in a few minutes rather than spending days training your troops.

To create a PVE Troop Formation manually, you can create a troop formation that you think will be strong (based on your stats and the strength of your troops) and attack the Wolf Lord. This will normally consist of a small number of Infantry for Defense, a larger number of Cavalry and Distance to damage the Wolf Lord and again a smaller number of artillery.

If you attack the Wolf Lord a second time with the exact same troop formation you will notice you will do the exact same amount of damage to him (unlike the results you will see when doing Underworld Gates where you will notice the damage varies depending on how many people are in your rally). By utilizing this feature you can make small adjustments to your troop formation. Every time the damage you deal to the Wolf Lord increases, keep your changes, if your damage drops, reverse your change. Since the Wolf Lord appears once per week, you have 10 tries each week to dial in your troop formation for the most damage.

PVP Troop Formations

PVP Troop Formations largely consist of your highest level troops with the most attack power and damage. To create the best PVP Troop Formation, you can start by creating a formation that you believe will work well. A good starting point is 25% Infantry, 35% Cavalry and 40% Distance. Use mostly your highest tier troops in this formation with few lower level troops in the formation where some troops are more equipped to deal damage and mitigate damage.

To fine tune this formation you can visit the Spirit Mines and find a player that you simply cannot beat. By making adjustments to your formation you should note any changes where you kill more of their troops than you had previously. You might try this 5 or 10 times against any single player and then do the same thing against another player. Eventually, you will find yourself with a hard hitting PVP Troop formation that can not only attack well but can defend you against attacks you might otherwise lose.

Gathering Formations

A troop gathering formation will largely consist of troops that have a large load capacity, usually artillery units. If you have a large army, you generally will not need to use a gathering formation, but if you have a smaller army and are in an alliance that has an Alliance Farm, Lumberyard, Iron Mine or Silver Mine, it may be in your best interest to send mostly artillery troops to that location to gather as long as possible while other troops can go out and clear tiles as normal.

Fast Moving Troop Formation

A fast-moving troop formation will consist of a number of cavalry units. These can be used to collect items on the map during events where a large number of slower troops take too long to collect and only one troop needs to go to a specific location on a map. These formations can also be used during the Ultimate Alliance Campaign in order to plunder buildings where you will be easily overpowered by stronger players. The specific number of cavalry units you put in this formation is entirely up to you and can range from just one unit to the entire amount it requires to fill your march capacity.

Another tip for using this formation is to move a castle that is in your way. If you have cleared a castle of all of it’s troops and want the wall to be destroyed, every time you hit the estate (even with a small amount of cavalry troops) it will extend the 4 Damage Per Minute for an additional 30 minutes. You may have to hit an empty estate 30-50 time in order to entirely destroy it’s wall, when which it does, it will be teleported to a random location on the map. The process of burning a wall to complete destruction can take over a day to complete, but if you hit it 50 times up front, the entire damage will be done whether you continue to hit the estate or not.

* To have your troop formations set by an expert, check out this offer from GOFG.

Troop Stats

Troop stats in Guns of Glory largely decide whether you are going to win or lose a battle. The only other determining factors in this are the total march capacity and troop formation, other then that Troop Stats trumps all. So, with that said, how do you insure your troop stats are as high as possible and how do you view your current troop stats? Let’s start with getting a view of your current troop stats.

To view your current troop stats, set your talent tree to War, equip any battle equipment you have, set your airship to hostile and set any guards in place that provide attack or defense stats bonuses. Now start red guard raid and ask a friend to join. After the battle you will receive a Battle Report, this provides you with your current troop stats, line by line. Get used to reading this report because if you want to win battles, sometimes the devil is in the details.

Now, because this is a Guide, not a wiki, I am going to give you some ideas on how to improve your stats.

First, we are going to look for low hanging fruit. Think about the statement for a few moments, the low hanging fruit are places where the fruit is ripe, ready to pick and enjoy. So we are going to want to scour your account, figure out where you are weak and haven’t put in the effort and start putting the components in place to make you stronger.

Here are the places to look to make easy upgrades.

  • Combat I Research - I know, early in the game most people avoid this section like the plague, upgrading their economy and development to help them advance through the game, which all together is a great idea but if you are ready to increase your Troop Stats, this is a great place to start when you are CS26 and below!
  • Combat II Research - When you pass CS26, put Combat I Research on the back burner! Combat II offers better stats bonuses and often times is less costly in regards to resources, so keep that Combat II research tree maxed out at all times!

Ok, don’t get mad that I started with the 2 most obvious places to look to improve your stats. I had to get those out of the way!

  • Glory Banners - Yes, these can make a huge difference in regards to Attack, Defense, Health and Damage Reduction. Sometimes you might neglect upgrading a building but guess what, that (warehouse) might give you some big perks when you upgrade it and receive Army Damage Reduction for just a few banners! Take a look closely at your buildings, if there are any that you have left by the wayside and require relatively small amounts of Glory Banners to receiving the bonuses, go ahead do those upgrades and make use of your banners.
  • Coat of Arms - This is another big one and you can receive some huge bonuses by making sure you have all 16 coat of arms applied and upgraded as far as you can get them. A great place to get these are in the Catacombs where you can plunder and trade in coins daily for them. Otherwise, the daily deal can provide some inexpensive options which come around once per week.
  • Creation Talent Tree - You might or might be scratching your head here, but yes, a strong creation can improve your Troop Stats! Look closely at the talent tree and you will find you can improve Troop Attack, Troop Health, Troop Defense and even Troop Damage by allocating points in your creation talent tree.
  • Equipment - This may be an obvious one but equipment can make a pretty big difference on your stats and can literally be the difference between winning and losing battles. When you have a full set of matching equipment you can enhance it with Craftsman Tools. As updates are applied to GOG, equipment sets like Demon Hunter, Retribution and Sun King become more obtainable as they give away larger amounts of Rare Fragment Materials and Design Fragments.
  • Gemstones - Another obvious one but, it’s so obvious it can be easily neglected. In the beginning of the game you are awarded gemstones for defeating beasts. Later on in the game you will find it easy to acquire Hope Gems which are an excellent start but are being replaced with Justice and Noble Gems. Keep in mind, the game is always evolving but it is always worth your time to refine gemstones to their maximum level.
  • Guards - These can be somewhat difficult to upgrade but given time, it is possible to get matching sets of the guards and no matter how impossible it seems to get your guards to 5 stars, I will tell you, it’s possible and it has gotten easier with recent updates. Every time you get a set of 270 recruitment banners you get more fragments, eventually they add up and you can increase their Prowess. Be sure that if you are in a situation where you are attacking or defending, to assign guards that positively affect your troop stats!

Now, I’ve saved this one for last, because it is by far the most complex. If you put your time and energy into it, it will pay-off dividends. If you set it up right, it will pay off additional dividends. Unless you are maxed out on this, you might find yourself putting all of your spare time and energy into getting this upgraded. So what is it? Your airship. This may be the most crucial piece you have and if it is not setup right, you are bound to lose battles you could otherwise be winning.

Let’s get started.

Your airship has a large number of abilities, your troop stats are affected by your attack abilities. When setting your abilities, it is recommended to focus only abilities that include Infantry, Cavalry and Distance. Ignoring the Artillery abilities will only make you stronger. When attacking other players, it is recommended not to use artillery unless you are attacking their estate. Artiliery is largely used for mitigating trap damage and carrying large loads. Other than that, it has almost no place in the battle field other.

Recommended Airship Attack Abilities:

  • March Capacity
  • Distance Devastation II
  • Distance Devastation III
  • Cavalry Cannons I
  • Cavalry Cannons III
  • Infantry Cover I (Guardian)
  • Infantry Cover II (Guardian)

Now, I am guessing you might have some troop march speed or abilities that affect your artillery, just remove them now and win more battles. There is a time and place for march speed but it is not a determining factor in the Spirit Mines, Musketeer Fort or in a PVP setting. Troop speed will not help you win a battle, it will only make you march a little faster! In place of those two abilities it is far wiser to have the Guardian abilities which will provide Infantry damage reduction, these are the troops that protect your cavalry and distance troops, so treat the well!

Your airship attack abilities can be further enhanced or empowered with Gears. It is important that if you are in a battle setting that you use your strongest gears on your Attack assault and guardian abilities.

Lastly, since we are on the topic of your Airship and Troop Stats, spend some time on your airship parts. Make sure you are getting the most of them by having your abilities leveled up and that they are upgraded to the highest possible level you can. These can be acquired daily in the Catacombs or purchased inexpensively once a week in the Deals of the Day.

I hope this information has helped you to identify some low hanging fruit and places where you can improve in which you may have otherwise forgotten or neglected. Here’s to your improved Troop stats!

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