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Alliance Rank

The Alliance Rank in your kingdom can play a pivotal role in your influence on the kingdom. Being in a high ranking alliance and being in a position of power in the alliance will allow you to influence decisions that are made in the kingdom. Some kingdoms find themselves in a state of peace with treaties across alliance borders allowing members to play without worry of attack, without a peace shield.

The rank of the alliance is a combined score of all of the members in a particular group. In some cases in order to gain influence, protection or greater rewards, some alliances may merge, giving them a larger combined power and improving their rank in the kingdom.

The largest factor with your Alliance Rank is the ability to participate in UAC or the Ultimate Alliance Campaign. If your alliance is not in the Top 10, you will not be able to participate in this event and can cause feuds between alliances who are ranked 10 and 11, where they fight for power and position to be able to compete in the UAC event.

If your alliance needs more power to improve it’s rank, it is always a good idea to reach out to other alliances and suggest a merge. Otherwise, you may consider looking at the internals of your alliance and ask how you can work to grow your alliance from within and with the players you currently have. This may be by sharing tips, resources, and working together to empower each other however you can.

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