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Gift Codes

Gift codes are released by the developers somewhat frequently and are usually announced on the Guns Of Glory Official Facebook page. These are generally released as a reward for doing something or a gift for a holiday or some type of celebration.

The following gift codes have been made available by FunPlus:


In order to use gift codes go into the Game Settings Menu and Click Gift Codes. When you enter a valid gift code, rewards will be sent to you in the System Mailbox. New codes will be posted here whenever they are released. If you know of a gift code that hasn’t been posted to this page but is active, please post the code in the comments below.

Looking for the latest gift codes? It's true, it's difficult for us to keep them posted here, so we are providing you with a trick! If you are not a member of the Guns of Glory Official Group on Facebook, join! After you have joined, you can visit this link anytime to help you find the latest Guns of Glory Gift Codes!

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bouaraara aman-allah
14 Months Ago

pls gift cod


Darak Dendle
13 Months Ago

GOGUPGG360 I best get something for helping u guys out with this gift code ugetme!!?!


12 Months Ago

Any codes available?


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