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Gift Envelope

Gift Envelope

The Gift Envelope in Guns of Glory is hard to receive and almost always costs money unless the developer gives it away as a gift. The envelope allows you to send certain items to other players, but is pretty limited in what and how much you can send. The Gift Envelope has largely been replaced with the Goods Exchange section of the Trade Station, which allows you to send almost anything you would want to another player in your alliance.

The Gift Envelope can currently be purchased in the Alliance Teleport pack, which provides you with 10,000 Gold, 15 Advanced Teleports, 1 Gift Envelope and an Advanced Teleport Chest to everyone in your alliance.

Goods you can send with a Gift Envelope include:

  • Gold
  • Experience Items
  • VIP Items & Experience
  • Builders
  • Estate Buffs
  • Castle Skins
  • Resource Items
  • Sooth Stones
  • Tarot Stones
  • Keys
  • Aristocrat Badges
  • Speedups
  • Crafting Materials

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56 Months Ago

Are the gift envelopes reusable?


55 Months Ago

So if I was to get an envelope I can only use it once? Could I send 455 pieces of an older armor set ar one time? And can u send more than one type of item at the same time? Is there a limit to like, say, storing supplies in the alliance


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