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Red Guard Camps

Red Guard Camps can be hit be creating or joining an alliance which you or an alliance member can launch. If you take a loss during an attack on a Red Guard Camp, your troops will not be killed and a small amount may end up in the hospital. It is a good strategy to hit higher level Red Guard Camps but not so high that you are losing. You should easily win the battle but always want the highest rewards possible.

You can see what type of rewards a Red Guard will give you by clicking on the specific Red Guard Captain and seeing what chests and resources it provides when you defeat it. It is always better to attack these camps in smaller groups. When you attack in a large group, the total amount of resources awarded for winning the battle are split among the lords who helped to defeat the red guard.

If the total award for defeating a red guard is 500k Food and you defeat him with a single troop from your farm account, you will receive 500k Food to your main account. If you defeat the captain with a large group from your alliance and you deal 20% of the damage, you will only receive 100k food. So it is important to be clear with your alliance what your expectations are with Red Guard rallies, if any.

Different red guard captains also offer different Red Guard Chests. These chests contain various items including Experience, Aristocrat Chests, Food, Recruitment Banners, Bounty Parcels, Speedups, and Crafting Materials. The higher the level the red guard chest, the better your rewards will be.

To receive the Red Guard Bonus Chest you need to have Red Guard Keys in your items before attacking the camp. Every key you carry will grant you a bonus chest, which increases your rewards for each raid. Bonus chests contain better loot than a standard Red Guard Chest. This includes Lord and Airship Experience, Assault Components, Rare Material Fragments, Underworld Keys, 60m Speedups and crafting materials that you can use to create Equipment.

In order to obtain more Red Guard Keys, it is important to complete the Daily Rewards challenges presented at the Inn. You can obtain up to 3 Red Guard Keys per day.

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