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Red Guard Key

Red Guard Key

The Red Guard Key in Guns of Glory will give you a bonus chest every time you successfully attack a Red Guard Camp. The Red Guard Keys can be acquired at the Inn by completing the daily rewards challenges and opening up the Daily Rewards chests where you can receive up to 3 Red Guard Keys per day.

These keys are important to collect and it is important to make sure you always have more than one key on hand. If you begin attacking red guard camps and run out of keys you will not receive the bonus chests and therefore will receive half of the rewards that you would otherwise.

A good way to make sure you have more than one Red Guard Key at all times is to insure that you complete the Daily Rewards challenge in full, each day and that you attack no more than three Red Guard camps in a given day.

Bonus loot you can receive from Bonus Red Guard Chests which are acquired by having Red Guard Keys in your possession includes:

  • Lord Experience
  • Airship Experience
  • Assault Components
  • Rare Material Chest Fragments
  • Steel
  • Underworld Keys
  • Speedups
  • Crafting Materials

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