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Spirit Mines

Spirit Mines

The Spirit Mines in Guns of Glory are a great test of your strength against other players in other kingdoms. Here you will fight for your place in Crystal Quarries, attempting to gather as many Lazarus Crystals as possible. These crystals can be traded in for many valuable items including Gemstone Fragments, Airship Experience and Components, VIP Points, Resources, Equipment Design Fragments, Material Chests, Aristocrat Badges, Craftsman Tools and more.

When playing in the Spirit Mines it is important to know your limits. There will be certain level mines where you will last only a few minutes and others where you can gather for a full 10 hours at a time. What level mine you choose to gather is may largely depend on how much time you are willing to put in holding crystal quarries.

If you are very busy and have things to do in real life, you should gather in zones where you are comfortable that you won’t or will be unlikely to get kicked out of. If you have free time and want to collect as many crystals as possible, you can venture deeper into the mines and look for open spaces or other players you can kick out of the mines.

When battling other players for a position in the mines, you will notice that your stats, march capacity, guards, equipment and airship all play major roles in who will win the battle for a Crystal Quarry. In some cases, small changes to your airship or troop formation will mean the win or the loss of a mine. If you are more interested in collecting Laurus Crystals then resource tiles, it can be a good idea to update your Talent Tree for War. These war stats are carried over into the mine. For the largest effect, you can update your talent tree, apply buffs, keep your best equipment on and use a March Capacity wonder and Talent. Once these are applied, they will remain until you reset the Spirit Mines.

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