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Strategy Center

Strategy Center

The Strategy Center is used specifically used to deploy strategies on your alliance, another alliance or a particular enemy. Some strategies benefit your alliance and can increase the speed at which you gather, build or do research. It is important to use these strategies during the Gold Event in order to give members of your alliance the upper hand and the opportunity to rank in the Top 10 for any given event.

Other strategies will help you in times of war or recovery which can include deploying peace shields for your entire alliance, speeding up healing, increasing defending troop strength and more.

Attack Strategies:

  • Teleport Freeze - Prevents target from teleporting for 2 hours
  • Doom Canon - Kills 5%-20% of all troops in a 3x3 tile area
  • Poisoned Water - 1%-10% of all wounded troops in an Alliance are killed outright. Does not include troops in Alliance Hospital
  • Lightning March - Increase March Speed by 20% to 40% for 60 to 180 minutes.

Defensive Strategies:

  • Disruption - Disrupts any incoming enemy Strategy that is currently being boosted
  • Alliance Shielding - Provides a 4 hour Peace Shield to all members of an alliance
  • Enemy Eviction - Destroys the wall of an enemy in your alliance territory and sends them to a random place on the kingdom map.
  • Defense of Fire - All alliance members receive a 20% increase in Attack of all defending troops for 720 minutes.
  • Group Vengeance - All alliance members gain Vengeance Alert for 4 hours.

Development Strategies:

  • Medical Supplies - 50% increase in healing speed for 720 Minutes
  • Rapid Researcher - 20% increase in research speed for 720 Minutes
  • Building Booster - 20% increase in building speed for 720 Minutes
  • Nimble Harvester - 50% increase in gathering speed for 720 Minutes

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