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Troop Stats

Troop stats in Guns of Glory largely decide whether you are going to win or lose a battle. The only other determining factors in this are the total march capacity and troop formation, other then that Troop Stats trumps all. So, with that said, how do you insure your troop stats are as high as possible and how do you view your current troop stats? Let’s start with getting a view of your current troop stats.

To view your current troop stats, set your talent tree to War, equip any battle equipment you have, set your airship to hostile and set any guards in place that provide attack or defense stats bonuses. Now start red guard raid and ask a friend to join. After the battle you will receive a Battle Report, this provides you with your current troop stats, line by line. Get used to reading this report because if you want to win battles, sometimes the devil is in the details.

Now, because this is a Guide, not a wiki, I am going to give you some ideas on how to improve your stats.

First, we are going to look for low hanging fruit. Think about the statement for a few moments, the low hanging fruit are places where the fruit is ripe, ready to pick and enjoy. So we are going to want to scour your account, figure out where you are weak and haven’t put in the effort and start putting the components in place to make you stronger.

Here are the places to look to make easy upgrades.

  • Combat I Research - I know, early in the game most people avoid this section like the plague, upgrading their economy and development to help them advance through the game, which all together is a great idea but if you are ready to increase your Troop Stats, this is a great place to start when you are CS26 and below!
  • Combat II Research - When you pass CS26, put Combat I Research on the back burner! Combat II offers better stats bonuses and often times is less costly in regards to resources, so keep that Combat II research tree maxed out at all times!

Ok, don’t get mad that I started with the 2 most obvious places to look to improve your stats. I had to get those out of the way!

  • Glory Banners - Yes, these can make a huge difference in regards to Attack, Defense, Health and Damage Reduction. Sometimes you might neglect upgrading a building but guess what, that (warehouse) might give you some big perks when you upgrade it and receive Army Damage Reduction for just a few banners! Take a look closely at your buildings, if there are any that you have left by the wayside and require relatively small amounts of Glory Banners to receiving the bonuses, go ahead do those upgrades and make use of your banners.
  • Coat of Arms - This is another big one and you can receive some huge bonuses by making sure you have all 16 coat of arms applied and upgraded as far as you can get them. A great place to get these are in the Catacombs where you can plunder and trade in coins daily for them. Otherwise, the daily deal can provide some inexpensive options which come around once per week.
  • Creation Talent Tree - You might or might be scratching your head here, but yes, a strong creation can improve your Troop Stats! Look closely at the talent tree and you will find you can improve Troop Attack, Troop Health, Troop Defense and even Troop Damage by allocating points in your creation talent tree.
  • Equipment - This may be an obvious one but equipment can make a pretty big difference on your stats and can literally be the difference between winning and losing battles. When you have a full set of matching equipment you can enhance it with Craftsman Tools. As updates are applied to GOG, equipment sets like Demon Hunter, Retribution and Sun King become more obtainable as they give away larger amounts of Rare Fragment Materials and Design Fragments.
  • Gemstones - Another obvious one but, it’s so obvious it can be easily neglected. In the beginning of the game you are awarded gemstones for defeating beasts. Later on in the game you will find it easy to acquire Hope Gems which are an excellent start but are being replaced with Justice and Noble Gems. Keep in mind, the game is always evolving but it is always worth your time to refine gemstones to their maximum level.
  • Guards - These can be somewhat difficult to upgrade but given time, it is possible to get matching sets of the guards and no matter how impossible it seems to get your guards to 5 stars, I will tell you, it’s possible and it has gotten easier with recent updates. Every time you get a set of 270 recruitment banners you get more fragments, eventually they add up and you can increase their Prowess. Be sure that if you are in a situation where you are attacking or defending, to assign guards that positively affect your troop stats!

Now, I’ve saved this one for last, because it is by far the most complex. If you put your time and energy into it, it will pay-off dividends. If you set it up right, it will pay off additional dividends. Unless you are maxed out on this, you might find yourself putting all of your spare time and energy into getting this upgraded. So what is it? Your airship. This may be the most crucial piece you have and if it is not setup right, you are bound to lose battles you could otherwise be winning.

Let’s get started.

Your airship has a large number of abilities, your troop stats are affected by your attack abilities. When setting your abilities, it is recommended to focus only abilities that include Infantry, Cavalry and Distance. Ignoring the Artillery abilities will only make you stronger. When attacking other players, it is recommended not to use artillery unless you are attacking their estate. Artiliery is largely used for mitigating trap damage and carrying large loads. Other than that, it has almost no place in the battle field other.

Recommended Airship Attack Abilities:

  • March Capacity
  • Distance Devastation II
  • Distance Devastation III
  • Cavalry Cannons I
  • Cavalry Cannons III
  • Infantry Cover I (Guardian)
  • Infantry Cover II (Guardian)

Now, I am guessing you might have some troop march speed or abilities that affect your artillery, just remove them now and win more battles. There is a time and place for march speed but it is not a determining factor in the Spirit Mines, Musketeer Fort or in a PVP setting. Troop speed will not help you win a battle, it will only make you march a little faster! In place of those two abilities it is far wiser to have the Guardian abilities which will provide Infantry damage reduction, these are the troops that protect your cavalry and distance troops, so treat the well!

Your airship attack abilities can be further enhanced or empowered with Gears. It is important that if you are in a battle setting that you use your strongest gears on your Attack assault and guardian abilities.

Lastly, since we are on the topic of your Airship and Troop Stats, spend some time on your airship parts. Make sure you are getting the most of them by having your abilities leveled up and that they are upgraded to the highest possible level you can. These can be acquired daily in the Catacombs or purchased inexpensively once a week in the Deals of the Day.

I hope this information has helped you to identify some low hanging fruit and places where you can improve in which you may have otherwise forgotten or neglected. Here’s to your improved Troop stats!

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