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Underworld Gates

The Underworld Gates can be opened once every two days, provided your alliance has donated enough keys. Underworld Keys can be obtained from doing Red Guard Rallies and usually found in the Red Guard Bonus Chest. Each member of your alliance should donate keys to open the Underworld Gates Regularly and it is good to rally Underworld Villains on a set schedule (usually when most people are online and playing). By having your rallies scheduled, members will do their best to log on and help to fight the Villain.

There are multiple levels of Villains which are different strengths and offer better rewards the more difficult the Villain is. One thing to keep in mind when selecting a Villain is to know the strength of your alliance and not select a Villain that you cannot defeat. If you do not defeat the Villain you will miss out on many rewards than if you had selected an easier Villain.

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