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FunPlus releases updates for Guns of Glory every 2-4 weeks. These updates commonly include new features in the game, adjustments to rewards and adjustments to gold top deals and daily deals accordingly to make previously expensive equipment more affordable.

If Fun Plus has issued an update to Guns of Glory and you have not yet received the update you can search Game Center or the Play Store for Guns of Glory where you should find an option to update your version of the game. If the option to update does not show up, check back in 1-2 hours as the CDN (Content Delivery Network) may not have issued the update to the server you are requesting it from.

It should be noted that updates are deployed to the Guns of Glory Asia version of the game prior to being released to the main Guns of Glory app. By doing this, it allows the developers a chance to “beta” test the application before going live to the main application. At which point they may be able to plan for updates or patches prior to the release which is being applied to the Guns of Glory App. This also gives players a chance to get a sneek peak of updates where screenshots are commonly shared in the Official Guns of Glory Facebook Group.

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