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VIP Level

The VIP Level of your lord can grant you many benefits and having VIP activated at all times can help you to progress through the game faster. In some cases you can use VIP item to activate the VIP status but to keep it active you will eventually have to purchase a 1 day, 7 day or 30 day package with gold.

Depending on your level, activating VIP can apply the following attributes to your lord.

  • Quick Talent Switch
  • Increased Hospital Capacity
  • Troop Health Stats Bonus
  • Troop Attack Stats Bonus
  • Troop Defense Stats Bonus
  • Added March Slot
  • Troop March Speed Stats Bonus
  • Beast March Speed Stats Bonus
  • Lord Stamina Recovery Stats Bonus
  • Instant Building Speedup Bonus
  • Increased Resource Production
  • Increased Resource Storage
  • Additional Satchel Slots
  • Increased Health Potions
  • Additional Creation Skill
  • Increased Satchel Capacity
  • Improved Creation Initiative
  • Additional Troop Formation
  • Quick Equip Ability
  • Wounded Conversion
  • Increased Sanctuary Capacity
  • Creation Battle Skip
  • Creation Room Select
  • Increased Creation Battle Speed
  • Advanced Catacombs Plundering
  • Quick Find Crystal Quarries Ability

Your VIP Level can be increased by purchasing packs in the Daily Deal or by acquiring VIP points through other means such as in the Spirit Mines store.

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