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XYO is a token created by the XYO Foundation and established on the Ethereum blockchain. Since of inception the company has stood out from the crowd by offering innovative technologies and new ideas to the crypto-sphere. Their company has gone through many changes since it was first established where the have down-sized several times however continue to work hard updating their software and establishing new branches of their company on a consistent basis.

The XYO Coin was originally established as a reward for using their Android and iOS compatible COIN app. Since then, the XYO token has been altered where it is no longer the primary use of payment within the COIN app and has taken on a new role where it will be used in the upcoming release of XYO World.

It should be noted that our long-term outlook for this token is good. We are bullish and remain optimistic that XY will continue to work through development growing pains to provide a case use for the XYO token in the form of staking and advertising based geo-drops. These use cases provide a perfect storm for the possibility of a thriving eco-system within the XYO community.

XYO Network

The XYO Network app is a free download available for download in Google Play for Android or in the App Store on iOS. This tool can be used to connect to your Sentinels, Bridge, Diviner and Archivist and effectively acts as a relay between devices.

The basis of the XYO Network is provide Geolocation data to customers who need to know the location of an object in real-time. It should be noted though, that this part of the XY community is still in development however it appears that at the time of writing this article, the much of the development is complete.

Currently, the XYO Network app is mostly a simple interface to look at but provides a wealth of information to people who are actively collecting bound witnesses in anticipation of collecting and providing data to XYO for the final release of the network they originally imagined.

For the time being however, the XYO Network app has been greatly eclipsed by the COIN app however it could be expected that we will a resurgence in development to this area of the community in order to peak interest in businesses and dedicated end users.

XYO Stock

The XYO stock is a Reg A+ share which is not publicly traded on exchanges. The shares became available during the XY IPO and can currently only be purchased directly from other shareholders. Many members and investors in the XY community are stock shareholders, meaning, they purchased equity in the company and the stock is resell-able at a rate agreed upon between the buyer and seller of the stock.

Many shareholders wonder what the value of their stock is, while it was originally valued at $1.00 per share by XY, that value has been raised to $8.00 per share (a process which requires SEC approval). The increase in share price could be a sign of the company being more established and having more value than when it was first established however this value is only applicable if both a buyer and seller agree on said price. With that in mind, the true value of an XY Reg A+ share is only as high as a buyer is willing to pay and without public trading on exchanges or in a marketplace, there is no said marketplace value of an individual share.

The XY Company offers a number of shareholder resources which includes assistance of the transfer of shares through Broadbridge, a help center which answers questions shareholders might have about XY as well as SEC filings which detail the financials of XY. Visit to access this information.

XYO Geomining Kit

The XYO Geomining Kit was sold to customers who got involved in the early stages of XYO and is no longer available packaged the way it was, however the pieces included in the Geomining Kit can be purchased individually.

So let’s get down to the brass-tax of what the Geomining Kit was.

In the early stages of XY, Scott Scheper was the brains behind the XY marketing strategy and though, these efforts were incredibly effective at adding new members to the community, he largely used a sales pitch that did not deliver. Part of this sales pitch was to invest in a Geomining Kit that you would receive after 3 months of being involved in the XY community and each payment was $83.33 per month.

It sounded great and a lot of people invested in the technology because largely, it was sold as a form of tracking that would replace things like Satellites and modern day tracking numbers which really don’t show you exactly where a package is. The idea was to provide real-time data that would show you in close approximation if a package was down the road from you in a delivery truck or on the other side of town. This is simply, not information you get with current technology.

That, was just one use case for using the Sentinels and Bridge that were included in the Geomining Kit but they sky was truly the limit for the kit.

What was all included in the kit was one XYO Bridge, eight XYO Sentinels and you would receive a number of other things like an XYO hat, collectors coin, a T-Shirt and stickers to show that you are a true fan of XYO ... all packaged in a fancy black box (which I still own to this day).

XYO Geomining Kit

While, the technology still hasn’t been completed, it left many of their original investors feeling burned as there was a huge demand to get their hands on Sentinels and provide as much data as possible to the network for rewards. Unfortunately, we still haven’t seen lift-off but the offer as it stood when customers made their purchase, never advertised that the technology was incomplete. This is probably like the black-eye in this companies past, however they went to great lengths to make up for the short-comings which includes providing customers with a Master mining plan (not available to all users) and the ability to share Sentinels for rewards with the Bridge.

Sometimes a business may experience growing pains, publicly this was one of them. Though the Geohacker mining kit came up short in regards to delivering on promising through a hyped up sales pitch, XY went out of their way to make up for short-comings and those who have been with the company for the long haul and being rewarded.

XYO Coin

The XYO coin in the early stages of development was the primary reward for using the COIN app. Since then, it has been replaced with a coin simply named COIN which is exchangeable for the XYO token in the app. The COIN app by XY is an app that allows users to explore the world and earn COIN tokens which are exchangeable for a number of things including the XYO (ERC-20) token, Bitcoin, Ethereum, a portable charger, Xbox One S, PlayStation 4, Apple Watch, SentinelX, COIN Shirt, XYO Hat, XYO Shirt, Cool Wallet-S, Geohacker Coin, Geohacker T-Shirt, and a collectors edition XYO Coin. Now, we expect a number of these items to change and update in the future but it’s most likely the option to cash out to XYO, BTC and ETH will always be an option.

Within the COIN app there are numerous features that keep users busy and rewarded.

COIN App Features Include:

Geo-Dropping: This allows users to transfer COIN between apps.

Mining: By using the manual Mine button or the auto-collect button, users are rewarded with COIN which they can exchange in-app.

Geoclaim: This feature allows users to stake COIN on tiles in the app where they are rewarded with additional COIN. The staked COIN is not refundable however the earned COIN is paid the start of the new week on Sunday at 0:00 GMT.

Referral Rewards: The COIN app will reward you with 1,000 COIN every time you refer a new member to them as well as 10% of the COIN they earn for life.

Bonus Drops: These are weekly reward drops which you power up by using the app. Rewards are sent out once a week.

HODL Rewards: Here you are rewarded with a 0.001% bonus drop of your current holdings once per day. These rewards need to be collected manually and the total balance includes XYO tokens you are holding outside of the app in a Meta-Mask wallet.

Big-Geomines: This feature is an in-app game where you are rewarded for clicking on or witnessing other users big Geomines. At the end of each day one user will be selected to receive a reward equal to the number of big Geonmines that have been found the previous day.

Background Rewards: The Background Rewards feature allows you to continue earning COIN while your app is not running. Anytime you leave the app it automatically kicks on and will continue to reward you for 3-9 hours. When you turn the app back on you will be notified of the rewards.

Rewarded Ads: If you are willing to watch ads, you will be rewarded COIN for taking a few moments to watch them.

The COIN app itself is currently the backbone of the XYO network. Through subscriptions it helps to fund the developers who are consistently sending out new updates.

XYO Sentinel

The XYO Sentinel is a small Bluetooth device that communicates directly with your phone while mining with the COIN app or when using the XYO Network app. The XYO Sentinel was originally a beacon for their XY Findables app which helped you locate objects like your keys, a purse, or other things you attach it to. Since then, updates have been made to allow it to act as a tracking tool which creates bound witnesses (basically a handshake between two XYO Sentinels) which is then uploaded through a bridge and into servers where the information can then be purchased by end customers. However, at the time of writing this, the technology is still in the works!

As a patch, the XYO Sentinel is now used as a rewarding mechanism for users in the COIN app. By having a sentinel on hand or nearby, the number of tokens you earn is multiplied up to 12 times or an extra 10% if you have a premium account.

The Sentinel is available in a number of different colors including Black, White, Green, Red, Blue, Purple, Pink and Yellow. Most users receive a black sentinel when purchasing just one device but if you purchase an Ocho pack from the XYO Store, you will receive one of each color.

XYO Sentinels

Pictured at the XYO Sentinels which were made available in the previously sold geomining kit.

XYO Bridge

The XYO Bridge is Raspberry Pi 3 with a custom case and MicroSD card which is formatted with the correct software to collect bound witnesses from the Sentinel and send the data to a Diviner server. The bridge is basically a middle-man between your devices and requires little power to operate. It should be noted that the original XYO network which passes data from the Sentinel to the bridge, diviner and ultimately the archivist is still in development but when completed will reward users for their participation.

XYO Bridge

For now, the bridge allows users to share their XYO Sentinels and earn a percentage of the COIN that is collected by your friends or family. This amount is subtracted from the COIN they mine and deposited into your account and acts as an added bonus for sharing.

The XYO Bridge software has also made it’s way to Android and iOS in the form of an app named XYO Network. This app too will collect bound witnesses and provide data to the network however will not provide users with the opportunity to share their sentinels.

You can create your own bridge by following various tutorials which are freely available online or purchase a bridge from the XYO Store.

XYO Mining

XYO Mining is a pretty entertaining thing to do and those who are always on the go can generate quite a bit of COIN, XYO, Bitcoin or Ethereum (depending on how you exchange it). Currently mining XYO is done through the COIN app which is a free download for Android and iOS and there are a various number of ways to speed up the rate at which you mine the COIN token.

Firstly, if you are mining and do not have a Master subscription, you will want to be sure you are mining with a Sentinel nearby. The Sentinel increases the rewards and pay-out per tile that you mine. Another way to improve your mining output is by purchasing a subscription, yes we suggest everyone mine with a subscription otherwise you may find yourself pretty much on a road to nowhere. Now, if you find it un-affordable, obviously you can mine without a subscription and stack COIN’s on the cheap, there is no problem with that!

You can us the COIN app for mining when you go on walks, runs, bike rides and most commonly when you are driving in your car. I personally have a dedicated phone in my vehicle which only collects COIN tokens while I am driving, additionally, I have one stationary miner in my home as well as one that I leave at work.

Stationary miners work on a different algorithm where they actually detect that you are not moving and for every hour that goes by that the miner remains stationary, you are rewarded an additional 10% in earnings (up to 100%). This patch was applied to the COIN app during COVID-19 when people were largely stuck in there homes. A pretty generous offering by the XY team!

The sky is the limit with how you decide to do your mining! We have seen a few crazy tricks from other miners which include attaching mobile devices to oscillating fans which move the miner around between tiles and pick up COIN’s at an accelerated, attaching them to forklifts or autonomous equipment in factories and warehouses, as well as stacking up large numbers of devices in an attempt to maximize total output. Now some of these ideas may be brilliant while others might not work the way you hope. The idea here is to have fun mining XYO!

Download the COIN app for free now to start mining and earning crypto for free!

XYO Price

The XYO Value fluctuates each and every day. This token can be traded on a couple of different exchanges and most investors in the token are long (or bullish) on it's value. The reason for HODL'ing this coin long term are mostly that it is a utility token, meaning it has value and storing it not only rewards you in the form of COIN app HODL rewards but the tokens primary purpose is to have a use value which ultimately can drive up the price on the public crypto exchanges.

BaseQuoteXYO Value24H High24H Low24H Change24H Average

These prices were last updated on December 31, 1969 11:59:59 PM CST.

XYO is most actively traded on KuCoin. If you are looking to invest in the XYO token you can purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum on Coinbase, transfer it to KuCoin and use the funds to purchase the XYO tokens in the marketplace or use the COIN app for Android or iOS to mine COIN and convert it to XYO within the app.


The value of in-app COIN to XYO is calculated based off a formula which takes into consideration the current value of XYO, yesterdays average price and the 7-day average price.

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