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The XYO Bridge is Raspberry Pi 3 with a custom case and MicroSD card which is formatted with the correct software to collect bound witnesses from the Sentinel and send the data to a Diviner server. The bridge is basically a middle-man between your devices and requires little power to operate. It should be noted that the original XYO network which passes data from the Sentinel to the bridge, diviner and ultimately the archivist is still in development but when completed will reward users for their participation.

XYO Bridge

For now, the bridge allows users to share their XYO Sentinels and earn a percentage of the COIN that is collected by your friends or family. This amount is subtracted from the COIN they mine and deposited into your account and acts as an added bonus for sharing.

The XYO Bridge software has also made it’s way to Android and iOS in the form of an app named XYO Network. This app too will collect bound witnesses and provide data to the network however will not provide users with the opportunity to share their sentinels.

You can create your own bridge by following various tutorials which are freely available online or purchase a bridge from the XYO Store.


Why get an XYO Bridge?

The XYO Bridge is intended to reward you with XYO for providing location data to the Archivist which is gathered from sentinels nearby. Currently, you will see pending rewards in the XYO Explorer however these are subject to change and have not yet been released.

What is the XYO Bridge?

The XYO Bridge is a hardware tool that is intended to run 24/7 at your home, business or office. This piece of hardware works to collect bound witnesses which are offloaded by the Sentinel and uploaded to the Archivist which stores the data.

How to use a phone as a XYO Bridge?

To use a phone as a Bridge you only need to download the XYO Network app. After you have done this, login to your XYO Network account and leave the software open. The XYO Network app will begin to collect bound witnesses as new sentinels come in range of your device.

How to build an XYO Bridge?

The XYO Bridge is a Raspberry Pi 3B+ which can be purchased from the Raspberry Pi website. The Pi will come with instructions to get you up and going with that. From there, to install the XYO network software is easy, all you need to do is download the XYO Network software and Flash the img file onto a MicroSD card with Balena Etcher. After the SD Card has been successfully flashed you can insert into the Raspberry Pi and it will boot up like the original XYO Bridge X.

What is an XYO Bridge?

The XYO Bridge is a device that collects bound witness data from Sentinels. After the information is collected it is offloaded to an Archivist which keeps the data on record which can be retrieved by customers at a later date.

How to save info from sentinels to XYO Bridge?

The XYO Bridge and Sentinels work hand in hand meaning, when a Sentinel has bound witnesses to offload, they do so on autopilot. The Bridge picks up this information and sends it to an Archivist for retrieval at a later date.

What is payment key on XYO Bridge?

The payment key feature on the Bridge will be used to deposit XYO into your wallet. This feature is currently not used but when available, you will be able to paste your XYO wallet address into this field.

How to link COIN App to XYO Bridge?

When setting up your Bridge you will be asked for login information. Use the same login details that you use for the COIN App and your Bridge should be detected which will allow you to register your Sentinels. If this does not work, make sure you are on the same network as your Bridge.

What is an XYO Bridge used for?

The XYO Bridge is a simple piece of hardware that is used to collect bound witness data from Sentinels which it uploads to an Archivist.

How to tell if your XYO Bridge is working?

To verify that your hardware is working you can check it in the XYO Explore dashboard. After logging into the dashboard with the same credentials that you entered into your bridge, click the top right icon and go to your Watchlist. Locate the Public Key of your device and click it to display bound witness data it has collected.

How to flash an SD Card for XYO Bridge?

To flash an SD Card download Balena Etcher. Simply select the XYO img file in the software, select your target drive (SD Card) and click to flash the data onto the SD Card.

How to use the XYO Bridge?

The XYO Bridge is relatively straight forward to use. All you need to do is set it up, login and let the Bridge sit. The Bridge will work on itís own collecting data from your sentinels. The data can then be viewed in the XYO Explore dashboard.

How to get a bridge to add Sentinels?

You can see nearby Sentinels by opening the XYO Network app. They cannot however be added to the XYO bridge at this time however.

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