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The XYO coin in the early stages of development was the primary reward for using the COIN app. Since then, it has been replaced with a coin simply named COIN which is exchangeable for the XYO token in the app. The COIN app by XY is an app that allows users to explore the world and earn COIN tokens which are exchangeable for a number of things including the XYO (ERC-20) token, Bitcoin, Ethereum, a portable charger, Xbox One S, PlayStation 4, Apple Watch, SentinelX, COIN Shirt, XYO Hat, XYO Shirt, Cool Wallet-S, Geohacker Coin, Geohacker T-Shirt, and a collectors edition XYO Coin. Now, we expect a number of these items to change and update in the future but it’s most likely the option to cash out to XYO, BTC and ETH will always be an option.

Within the COIN app there are numerous features that keep users busy and rewarded.

COIN App Features Include:

Geo-Dropping: This allows users to transfer COIN between apps.

Mining: By using the manual Mine button or the auto-collect button, users are rewarded with COIN which they can exchange in-app.

Geoclaim: This feature allows users to stake COIN on tiles in the app where they are rewarded with additional COIN. The staked COIN is not refundable however the earned COIN is paid the start of the new week on Sunday at 0:00 GMT.

Referral Rewards: The COIN app will reward you with 1,000 COIN every time you refer a new member to them as well as 10% of the COIN they earn for life.

Bonus Drops: These are weekly reward drops which you power up by using the app. Rewards are sent out once a week.

HODL Rewards: Here you are rewarded with a 0.001% bonus drop of your current holdings once per day. These rewards need to be collected manually and the total balance includes XYO tokens you are holding outside of the app in a Meta-Mask wallet.

Big-Geomines: This feature is an in-app game where you are rewarded for clicking on or witnessing other users big Geomines. At the end of each day one user will be selected to receive a reward equal to the number of big Geonmines that have been found the previous day.

Background Rewards: The Background Rewards feature allows you to continue earning COIN while your app is not running. Anytime you leave the app it automatically kicks on and will continue to reward you for 3-9 hours. When you turn the app back on you will be notified of the rewards.

Rewarded Ads: If you are willing to watch ads, you will be rewarded COIN for taking a few moments to watch them.

The COIN app itself is currently the backbone of the XYO network. Through subscriptions it helps to fund the developers who are consistently sending out new updates.

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