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XYO Mining is a pretty entertaining thing to do and those who are always on the go can generate quite a bit of COIN, XYO, Bitcoin or Ethereum (depending on how you exchange it). Currently mining XYO is done through the COIN app which is a free download for Android and iOS and there are a various number of ways to speed up the rate at which you mine the COIN token.

Firstly, if you are mining and do not have a Master subscription, you will want to be sure you are mining with a Sentinel nearby. The Sentinel increases the rewards and pay-out per tile that you mine. Another way to improve your mining output is by purchasing a subscription, yes we suggest everyone mine with a subscription otherwise you may find yourself pretty much on a road to nowhere. Now, if you find it un-affordable, obviously you can mine without a subscription and stack COIN’s on the cheap, there is no problem with that!

You can us the COIN app for mining when you go on walks, runs, bike rides and most commonly when you are driving in your car. I personally have a dedicated phone in my vehicle which only collects COIN tokens while I am driving, additionally, I have one stationary miner in my home as well as one that I leave at work.

Stationary miners work on a different algorithm where they actually detect that you are not moving and for every hour that goes by that the miner remains stationary, you are rewarded an additional 10% in earnings (up to 100%). This patch was applied to the COIN app during COVID-19 when people were largely stuck in there homes. A pretty generous offering by the XY team!

The sky is the limit with how you decide to do your mining! We have seen a few crazy tricks from other miners which include attaching mobile devices to oscillating fans which move the miner around between tiles and pick up COIN’s at an accelerated, attaching them to forklifts or autonomous equipment in factories and warehouses, as well as stacking up large numbers of devices in an attempt to maximize total output. Now some of these ideas may be brilliant while others might not work the way you hope. The idea here is to have fun mining XYO!

Download the COIN app for free now to start mining and earning crypto for free!

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