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The XYO Network app is a free download available for download in Google Play for Android or in the App Store on iOS. This tool can be used to connect to your Sentinels, Bridge, Diviner and Archivist and effectively acts as a relay between devices.

The basis of the XYO Network is provide Geolocation data to customers who need to know the location of an object in real-time. It should be noted though, that this part of the XY community is still in development however it appears that at the time of writing this article, the much of the development is complete.

Currently, the XYO Network app is mostly a simple interface to look at but provides a wealth of information to people who are actively collecting bound witnesses in anticipation of collecting and providing data to XYO for the final release of the network they originally imagined.

For the time being however, the XYO Network app has been greatly eclipsed by the COIN app however it could be expected that we will a resurgence in development to this area of the community in order to peak interest in businesses and dedicated end users.


What is XYO Network?

XYO Network is an app that was created by the team at XY. The XYO Network is comprised of a number of different pieces of hardware that work together to track Sentinels and provide location data to customers who need to know their location.

How do I use the XYO Network App?

The XYO Network is relatively straight forward as most of the functions it provides it completes on itís own. To keep data attached to your account, you should login before using the XYO Network app which should be open running on your smartphone 24/7 to operate as intended. While open it will operate as a bridge and provide bound witness data to the network.

Where is XYO Network from?

The XYO development team is located in San Diego, California.

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