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The XYO Sentinel is a small Bluetooth device that communicates directly with your phone while mining with the COIN app or when using the XYO Network app. The XYO Sentinel was originally a beacon for their XY Findables app which helped you locate objects like your keys, a purse, or other things you attach it to. Since then, updates have been made to allow it to act as a tracking tool which creates bound witnesses (basically a handshake between two XYO Sentinels) which is then uploaded through a bridge and into servers where the information can then be purchased by end customers. However, at the time of writing this, the technology is still in the works!

As a patch, the XYO Sentinel is now used as a rewarding mechanism for users in the COIN app. By having a sentinel on hand or nearby, the number of tokens you earn is multiplied up to 12 times or an extra 10% if you have a premium account.

The Sentinel is available in a number of different colors including Black, White, Green, Red, Blue, Purple, Pink and Yellow. Most users receive a black sentinel when purchasing just one device but if you purchase an Ocho pack from the XYO Store, you will receive one of each color.

XYO Sentinels

Pictured at the XYO Sentinels which were made available in the previously sold geomining kit.


What is an XYO Sentinel?

An XYO Sentinel is a small Bluetooth device that communicates with Android and iOS smartphones as well as the XYO Bridge. The Sentinelís primary purpose is to create Bound Witnesses in the XYO network however also serves to increase the mining payout rate in the COIN App.

How does XYO Sentinel work?

The XYO Sentinel acts as a beacon between devices including other Sentinels, Android and iOS smartphones as well as the XYO Bridge. As the Sentinel is moved it creates bound witnesses (handshakes) between other Sentinels at offloads them onto a Bridge or the XYO Network app. In the future as the XYO Network is developed, there are plans to pay Sentinel holders in the form of tokens as a reward for their data. Additionally, the XYO Sentinel acts as a device which accelerates Geomining rewards rates by 10%.

Why is my XYO Sentinel Beeping?

There are 3 things that can make a Sentinel beep. 1) If you push the button on the Sentinel, it will beep. 2) If the battery is dying the Sentinel will beep to alert you that the battery is bad. 3) The Sentinel will beep if the battery is loose in the device. If this is the case, a small piece of foam should be inserted between the Sentinel housing and the battery to keep it in place.

Why does my XYO Sentinel keep beeping?

The most common reason for an XYO Sentinel to beep is that the battery is loose and needs to be secured tightly within the device or that the battery is depleted and needs to be replaced. To keep the Sentinel from beeping, replace the battery with a new CR3032 battery and add foam to the housing to keep the battery in place.

How do I share my XYO Sentinel?

In order to share an XYO Sentinel you must have an XYO Bridge or a Raspberry Pi which has been formatted to act as a Bridge. When this is done and you have the bridge connected, in the COIN App click the plus icon, then click Referral Rewards, and then click the Sentinel Sharing button. The app will instruct you to push the button on the Sentinel twice, do that, click next, select the color of your Sentinel and Name it or write where you will be putting it. After that click Done and your Sentinel has been successfully shared!

What is inside a XYO Sentinel?

The inside of the XYO Sentinel contains a CR3032 battery, a small piece of foam to keep the battery secure (in some Sentinels) and a small STM-5 PCB circuit board with a Bluetooth beacon.

How much can be mined with a Sentinel vs none?

By having a Sentinel in close proximity to you while you are mining, your rewards will be increased by 10%. Userís who have paid Master accounts do not need to have a Sentinel nearby to receive the additional 10% rewards.

What does it mean when my XYO Sentinel is making noise?

If your Sentinel is beeping continuously it means the battery is depleted and it is time to replace it with a new CR3032 battery. If it beeps only when it is moved around it is likely the battery is loose and should be secured by adding a small piece of foam in the housing of the Sentinel.

Why does XYO Sentinel beep when pushed?

The XYO Sentinel beeps when the button is pushed for a number of reasons. Firstly, you can push the button to insure the battery still holds a charge. If you hear nothing when you press the button you need to replace the battery. Additionally, the button push allows software and hardware devices to locate the Sentinel you are attempting to locate. For example, if you are wanting to setup your sentinel for sharing you will need to press the button for your smartphone to locate it. Another scenario where you might need to press the button is if you are updating the firmware in the XYO Network app.

Where can I buy an XYO Sentinel?

The XYO Sentinel is available for sale in the XYO Network store, on Amazon and eBay.

Should I turn off my XYO Sentinel when not in use?

The XYO Sentinel does not need to be turned off when in use. If you are however concerned about draining your battery, the CR3032 battery can be removed from the device when not in use.

What does an XYO Sentinel do?

The XYO Sentinel has several functions. Firstly, it acts as a beacon on the XYO Network which provides geo-tracking data where owners of the Sentinel will be rewarded (when the XYO Network is complete) for their movements with the Sentinel. Currently, the Sentinels main function is to provide a 10% additional mining reward in the COIN App as well as an additional 10% reward of all COIN collected for Sentinels you share.

How much can you earn with an XYO Sentinel?

The XYO Sentinel will add 10% to your COIN App mining earnings, so if you collect 300,000 COIN, the Sentinel will reward you with an additional 30,000 COIN.

How do I turn off my XYO Sentinel?

The only way to turn off the XYO Sentinel is to remove the battery.

How do I turn on my XYO Sentinel?

The XYO Sentinel is always on unless itís battery has become fully depleted.

What batteries does the XYO Sentinel take?

The XYO Sentinel is compatible with CR3032 coin batteries.

How do I change the battery in my XYO Sentinel?

On the side of the Sentinel you will see a small slit, in that slit you can wedge the side of a Nickel and pry the Sentinel housing open. Gently pry each direction until the Sentinel housing is loose enough to pry open by hand. Once you have opened the Sentinel simply put your new battery and place and snap the housing shut.

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