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At inception the value of XYO was $0.0079, very close to $0.01. Since then (May 2018) the price has faced a lot of downward pressure and a lot of early investors have been caught holding the bag so to say. A price surge in December of 2018 lead to a price increase of nearly 250% in 5 days where the price held relatively steady for most of that month.

Since December of 2018 the value of XYO has been in a somewhat steady decline with a few moments where it has looked like the price may be scraping off the bottom and on it's way back up. January thru August of 2019 saw the biggest downward trend where the price moved from $0.0034 to $0.0005, a total loss of nearly 500%.

November of 2019 thru May of 2020 saw a flat-line trend with very little price change in the $0.0002 range with a new bullish pattern emerging at the end of May and into mid-June of 2020 where the price peaked at $0.0008. The value at this point could be expected to increase as adoption of XYO World and COIN Boss may prove to increase the demand of the XYO token in Q3 of 2020.

The one thing the is certain is that the market will continue to dictate the value of this coin. In order to help you keep up with the latest changes we are providing market-data for XYO to Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT.

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These prices were last updated on December 31, 1969 11:59:59 PM CST.

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