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12 items found while searching for Guwahati.

Use the Internet to find jobs Dhanbad and jobs Guwahati
Dhanbad and Guwahati are not very dissimilar when it comes to the job scenario. Guwahati is better off than Dhanbad because it is the capital of the state of Assam. Hence, the number of government jobs is much more in Guwahati. However, Dhanbad is in the middle of the coal belt and it is the major supplier of coal to the country. Dhanbad and Guwahati offer s...
jobs guwahati, jobs dhanbad, specialized jobs, best jobs, jobs, guwahati, dhanbad - Posted by AngeloEverton - Posted 6 Years Ago

Complete Call Center Predictive Dialer Solutions
Predictive Dialers are used in call centers to increase productivity and decrease agent average idle time. Predictive dialing is a system of outbound calling that dials without the agent being on the line. The system dials a phone number, listens and when a live "hello" is detected, automatically transfers the call quickly to an available agent. The predicti...
predictive dialer, predictive dialing, call centers, www dialerphilippines, predictive, call, number - Posted by avyukta - Posted 1 Year Ago

Are You Buying A Mobile Phone Without Comparing Prices?
Today mobile phones are not just more than a mere channel of communication, rather they offer much more than just communication. Mobiles phones are now become a big threat to the digital cameras, hi-fi music systems and other gadgets, whose utility is now incorporated in the mobile phones. For every individual, the requirement of the mobile phone runs parall...
mobile phones, mobile phone, online shopping, compare mobile, phones, phone, mobile - Posted by pricegenie - Posted 3 Years Ago

Online portals providing exclusive travel packages
Tourism has huge importance in the life of Indian people as they prefer they require a break from their routine in which they go out and explore different places in India. There are lot of beautiful places to visit all over the India be it hill stations like Shimla, Nanital , Mussurie in the North, beautiful and calm places like Coorg, Ooty and Kerala in the...
tour packages, www travelincredibleindia, travel packages, triangle tours, tours, packages, india - Posted by sjoshi - Posted 2 Years Ago

Call Center Auto Dialer | Hosted Predictive Dialer
A predictive dialer dials a record of Telephone number and connects responded dials to people making calls, frequently referred to as agents. Predictive dialers manipulate analytical algorithms to reduce the time that agents expend waiting between discussions, while reducing the eventuality of someone responding when no agent is accessible. Cloud based Predi...
predictive dialer, telephone number, responded dials, hosted predictive, dialer, predictive, dials - Posted by avyukta - Posted 1 Year Ago

An overview for SSC Preparations!
The office of SSC or Staff Selection Commission is mainly the biggest agency for recruitment in entire country that has mainly 9 Regional Offices all around the nation that is situated at Chennai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Allahabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Guwahati as well as other sub-regional offices situated at Raipur as well as in Chandigarh. The SSC had their hea...

Explore the exotic North-East by The Blue Berry Trails
The North-Eastern part of India is a combination of magnificent, scenic and lively vibrant traditions that makes an appeal to all tourists and travellers. It consists of seven states that are known as seven sisters which include Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Tripura and Sikkim. All these places are extremely picturesque and...

AL Samad Technologies Best IT &ITeS Company in Jammu & Kashmir
AL Samad Technologies is a Jammu & Kashmir Based E-Commerce, Web Designing , Development & Digital Marketing  Solutions company that unleashes the power of digital media to achieve the business objectives of its clients. We Specializing in e-commerce, Strategy, Media Planning Campaign Management, Search (SEM and SEO), Web Design, Creative and In...

Best Services available for VoIP Minutes| Predictive Dialer| Auto Dialer Pune
Avyukta Intellicall provide complete call center pune services like call center dialer, dialer VoIP, hosted call center, predictive dialer, crm solutions, call center voip minutes, turnkey and BPO call center solutions. Our support and software team working on past 9years to in the telecommunication industry. Our call center dialer software is the latest tec...

Best IT &ITeS Company in Jammu & Kashmir - AL Samad Technologies
This modern era is characterized by a heightened level of sophistication and extreme technicality. In such a scenario, the World Wide Web has also shown tremendous transformation and brought people at a common platform for instant communication. Today, the universal presence of a business unit on the web is a common phenomenon or otherwise it is a strong des...

Call Center Dialer Vendors in Pune
Avyukta Intellicall providing services to some of the leading corporate sector and are also considered the preferred vendor by most of the telecom IT enabled Service providing companies in the region pune. As predictive dialer software, the Interaction Dialer system easily pre-integrates to the Customer Interaction Center for outbound and blended predictive...

Predictive Dialer Software for Call Center
Predictive dialers platform offers an industry leading calling ratio per user logged in. What that means is the avyukta intellicall call center and predictive dialer platform automatically dials the numbers in your prospect list as if you have 10 hands dialing at once per user! Then connects only the live voice contacts through the intelligence of our answer...

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