News & Updates

June 24, 2022Member's can now apply to become a Top-Rated Author. This new title will provide you added exposure by being on the Top-Rated Author's list as well as provide you with improved visibility in the search engine.
June 16, 2022Account Registration has been repaired, updated and upgraded.
June 16, 2022The top trending article of the day is now recorded in the publishing log and displayed as the first result for the day. Check it out
June 14, 2022Featured Images have been added to articles. This is a new optional field that will allow you to attach images to your articles which are displayed on the top left or right hand side of the article as well as in the search results.
June 14, 2022A new directory view page has been added which gives you a complete list of all categories and the number of articles published in each. Along with that we also added article counts to the directory links in search view.
June 13, 2022Performance improvements have been applied which have greatly reduced page load time.
June 12, 2022Article sharing tools have been added to the member's area and article dashboard.
June 10, 2022A publishing log has been added. This provides a complete history of every article added to the site since inception.
June 10, 2022The search algorithm update is finally complete! From start to finish, this update took fourteen days to complete and involved a substantial amount of downtime to our publishing services. We apologize for the delay as we initially budgeted 3 days to this upgrade!

To make up for the inconvenience we added a few extra touches including updates to the New Articles page, Most Viewed page, the Members area Articles dashboard now includes total pageviews and pageviews today which are sortable and lastly the Featured Articles needed to be temporarily disabled but will be brought back online soon. Thanks again and we hope the changes are good for everyone and need to let you know there is more in store!
June 06, 2022The Top Trending Articles list has been upgraded from a view providing links to the Top 20 to a sleek table design displaying the Top 100 Trending Articles complete with ranks and recent movements. The Top Articles are sorted by number of unique readers over the last 48 hours.