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Do I Have The Right Level Of Car Insurance for California?
Did you know that your insurance company is required by law to report your insurance status to the California Department of Motor Vehicles?While that may feel a bit strange to you- it's really for the common good. After all, uninsured drivers account for billions of dollars of insurance claims on policies held by drivers who are insured. The cost...
financial responsibility, car insurance, uninsured drivers, surety bond, insurance, california, dmv - Posted by AardvarkCompareCom - Posted 2 Years Ago

Trip Cancellation: What's Covered?
Trip Cancellation: What's Covered?Trip cancellation can save your hide if your plans fall apart, but make sure you understand what's covered. Anticipating your next vacation is a lot of fun. But with that fun comes the risk that your plans will fall through. What happens to your pre-paid travel arrangements when that happens? It all depends on ...
trip cancellation, travel insurance, cancellation insurance, whats covered, trip, travel, insurance - Posted by AardvarkCompareCom - Posted 2 Years Ago

California DMV Become a Certified User
Did you know that almost half of Americans don't participate in online activities because they're afraid for their privacy or security¹? That keeps them from benefiting from online services such as banking, shopping... and for Californians: becoming a registered user with the DMV.Registered users with the California DMV's website are privy to mor...
drivers license, registered user, identification card, california dmv, dmv, california, address - Posted by AardvarkCompareCom - Posted 2 Years Ago

Tricks of The Trade - How Can I Lower My Auto Insurance Rate?
When you're in the market for auto insurance, policy writers are going to consider your record, your vehicle, and your age.While you can't change your age, and it's hard to swing back the hands of time on your driving record, there are a few things you can do to lower your auto insurance rate.Here are 4 tricks of the trade for lowering your auto insuranc...
auto insurance, insurance rates, driving record, comparison tool, rates, lower, insurance - Posted by AardvarkCompareCom - Posted 2 Years Ago

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