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Equipment Required to Liquid Solder Printed Circuit Boards
Due to the shift in soldering techniques and decline in need for through-hole devices, many new types of soldering equipment for PCB assemblies have been introduced in the last few years. Knowing which equipment to use for certain soldering applications will ensure a successful and efficient PCB for modern electronic devices. Liquid solder, for instance, is ...
liquid soldering, liquid solder, soldering process, soldering iron, soldering, liquid, solder - Posted by Alphaassembly - Posted 2 Years Ago

Know More about SMT Adhesive
SMT adhesives are used for holding the bottom side, and in some cases, mixed technology surface mount parts during the wave soldering processing. SMT stands for ‘surface mount technology’ and it is   one of the modern methods used for manufacturing electronic circuits by mounting the components or placing them directly onto a printed ci...
smt adhesive, smt adhesives, high quality, surface mount, smt, adhesive, high - Posted by Alphaassembly - Posted 2 Years Ago

Solder Stencils ? A Perfect Electronic Assembly Material That Fits Your Needs
Consistency and precision are important when it comes to electronics assembly. Manufacturers and assembly specialists rely on solder stencils to achieve those qualities. There are many different types of solder stencils available for crucial applications that require reliable and precise paste deposit every time during the electronic assembly process. Stenci...
solder stencils, solder paste, electronic assembly, laser cut, stencils, solder, assembly - Posted by Alphaassembly - Posted 2 Years Ago

Uses of Low Temperature Solder
A low-temperature solder may be necessary in a surface mount assembly of products which cannot go through harsh temperatures and conditions. Low temperature soldering may be beneficial in certain applications because it may help reduce or eliminate the need to use lead. Likewise, it is preferred for its step soldering capability and thermal shock reduction. ...
low temperature, temperature soldering, temperature solder, total cost, temperature, soldering, low - Posted by Alphaassembly - Posted 2 Years Ago

Things to Consider While Choosing Lead-Bearing Solder Paste
PCB (printed circuit board) manufacturing cannot be completed without solder paste, the material used to connect the surface mount parts to the board’s pads. There are various types of solder pastes available, but those that contain lead are widely preferred. Lead-bearing solder paste is manufactured to meet the unique requirements of tin-lead solderin...
solder paste, bearing solder, lead bearing, tin lead, solder, paste, lead - Posted by Alphaassembly - Posted 1 Year Ago

Know more about the effective Ways to Decrease Carbon Footprint in Cored Solder
Carbon footprint is usually defined as the amount of carbon dioxide equivalents any process, organization, or industry ejects into the atmosphere. Basically, it is a measure of pollution caused to the environment by any process that takes place. Carbon footprint is a concept which has enabled measurement of pollution caused by various industries, quantify it...
carbon footprint, carbon dioxide, cored solder, takes place, process, footprint, carbon - Posted by Alphaassembly - Posted 2 Years Ago

Know More about Low Melting Point Solder
As the name itself explains, low melting point solder is a solder metal which has a low melting point, typically below 200o C. Low melting point solders are extensively used in the electronics industries, typically in applications where high temperatures are likely to damage the materials of the electronic components. Their uses and importance in the electro...
melting point, low temperature, low melting, temperature soldering, temperature, solder, point - Posted by Alphaassembly - Posted 2 Years Ago

Solar photovoltaics is a revolutionary technology that has provided an alternative means for clean and sustainable energy production. Considering the environmental impacts of conventional fuel such as, coal and oil, solar energy has acted as nothing less than a boon for the health of the planet. Increasing the number of solar energy device installations has ...
wires represent, stranded wires, solar photovoltaics, solar photovoltaic, wires, wire, solar - Posted by Alphaassembly - Posted 1 Year Ago

PV Ribbon and Its Importance in Solar Energy Production
As more and more residences and businesses are switching to environmentally friendly and sustainable power generation, the demand for PV (photovoltaic) cell assemblies to make solar modules continues to increase. In an ideal set-up, every solar cell material must be manufactured to ensure the highest amount of efficiency at the lowest possible cost. PV ribbo...
pv ribbon, bus bar, interconnect ribbon, high quality, ribbon, pv, solar - Posted by Alphaassembly - Posted 1 Year Ago

How to use a soldering iron flux?
How to use a soldering iron flux? What is the process that goes into soldering two surfaces? These questions seem to be little tricky and technical but they become easy to understand when you consider the end use of the process and how it is effected. Soldering iron flux plays an important role in the process of soldering, imperative for achieving an accurat...
soldering iron, iron flux, soldering flux, apply flux, soldering, flux, process - Posted by Alphaassembly - Posted 2 Years Ago

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