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Laser Engraving Machines and 3D Printers: Different or Similar?
3D printer and laser engraving or cutting are currently the two most popular terms in the laser industry. They have lots of things in common and differences too. These machines are useful for large third-party houses to provide products to companies and individuals to meet their needs. They use parts like Fanuc parts and Fanuc spare parts in...
Posted by AltPartsInc - Posted 1 Day Ago

The Functional Aspects of Laser Technology
As a child, I remember playing with toy laser guns where a ray of red light was emitted to whichever direction I pointed. That seemed fun then but little did I know that it carried a vast importance. The user of laser technology is not limited to one field only, it is multi-dimensional.Over the span of a decade, we can say that laser technology has become om...
Posted by AltPartsInc - Posted 1 Year Ago

Why Laser Engraved Rubber Stamps Are the Best
For any type of business, identity is a mandatory thing. It makes a business unique and more visible to its users. Just like your logo, packaging, uniforms, you need a unique stamp for the manual work which represents your business. What’s wrong with regular stamps?If you are using regular stamps, there is always a threat of other people repli...
Posted by AltPartsInc - Posted 8 Months Ago

How to Maintain Laser Cutting Machines?
With the laser cutters, you can produce the most accurate and high-quality cuts for fabrication. In order to maintain the efficiency and consistency of these machines throughout, fabricators need to perform preventive maintenance on a regular base. After all the laser cutter is an expensive piece of equipment. The first tip is to avoid procrastination. Becau...
Posted by AltPartsInc - Posted 1 Year Ago

Eight Unique Laser Engraving Gift Ideas For New Year
It's our favorite season of the year. Snowfall, the smell of baked cookies, and smiles everywhere. Everyone is in their blankets, sipping on hot coffee and spending some quality time with their families. On top of that, everyone is discussing the presents they bought and are excited to exchange them.There are chances that maybe you forgot to purchas...
Posted by AltPartsInc - Posted 4 Months Ago

6 Useful Tips Before Buying a Press Brake Machine
Is your current press brake machine becoming a headache for you? Or are you thinking of starting a business with a press brake? To find one you can try searching “Amada press brake for sale”  online and would come across several options to choose from.If above mentioned are some of the factors stopping you from buying the machine then this...
Posted by AltPartsInc - Posted 6 Months Ago

Fiber Laser: An Economical & Effective Choice for A Perfect Edge
In the laser cutting, there are two main types of lasers used in producing exceptional machinery parts. CO2 lasers and fiber lasers. While CO2 lasers have the advantage of producing superior edge quality, Fiber lasers are rising as innovative cutters in the industry. They are beneficial in metal cutting due to their non-reflecting beam. They cut quicker than...
Posted by AltPartsInc - Posted 8 Months Ago

Types of Major Laser Cutting Methods and Laser Cutters
Laser cutting is a process which uses a computer-administered process. It cuts the material with a computing process which generates a beam. The interface integration cuts the material along with the directions. Any of the material which comes in between the route will vaporize, burned, melted, to produce high-quality surface finish material. These machines ...
Posted by AltPartsInc - Posted 9 Months Ago

5 Benefits of Using Lasers for Cutting Metal Products
Greetings! You are probably reading this blog as you are in the profession of metal fabrication. Or, you are exploring different methods of sheet metal fabrication. Well, metal cutting is one of the most crucial processes of metal cutting. And only by cutting the metal, you can give it the needed shape or size. Laser cutting is one of the most popular method...
Posted by AltPartsInc - Posted 2 Years Ago

What Makes Amada the Best Machinery for Metal Fabrication?
Professional metal fabricators must know about the most efficient and latest metal cutting machinery. Right from laser cutters and shear blades to CNC machining software and metal working machinery, it is important for them to have knowledge about the brand they can rely upon. Now, let’s talk about efficiency and precision. When one needs to take ...
Posted by AltPartsInc - Posted 1 Year Ago

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