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Start your Journey to Good Health with Neurosurgery in India
Overview: Neurosurgery Neurosurgery is the speciality with the surgical treatment of sicknesses of the nervous system composed of the brain, spinal cord and spinal column, in addition to the nerves that journey thru all components of the body.Modern-day day neurosurgery, but, could be very different from what has been seen in advance. Among clini...
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Impeccable yet Low-Cost Stem Cell Treatment in India
Stem Cell TreatmentStem cells are the raw materials of the body, capable of generating other cells with specialized functions and have self-renewal ability to become new stem cells or specialized cells. These specialized cells can differentiate into a specialized adult stem cell to perform more specific functions such as blood cells, brain cells, heart m...
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Get Cervical Spine Surgery in India to Cure Spinal Disorders
Overview - Cervical Spine SurgeryCervical Spine Surgery is required when there is an abnormality in the neck like a herniated or degenerative disc or injury that causes compression in the spine. Since cervical spinal cord wounds are the most serious of every spinal injury, it might influence one or the two sides of the body. Consequently, early treatment i...
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Best Spine Surgery Treatments Offered At Best Hospital in India
Spine surgeryRobotic spine surgery is one of the unique robotic systems that have been introduced with the field of neurosurgery and spine surgery in India.To keep away from any of the wrong prospects, or to take Spine surgery significantly increasingly closer to precision to give useful results, Robotics has made a strong imprint on the spine treatment ...
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Low-cost Neurosurgery in Bangalore - Best Destination For Medical Tourists
Neurosurgery: OverviewNeurosurgery is a surgical method that uses invasive techniques to diagnose, investigate and treat a neurological disorder, disease or injury.  Neurosurgery is an entirely challenging surgical strong point in which methods and technologies are continually developing. Minimally-invasive approaches the usage of surgical microscopes...
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Stem cell therapy to successfully replace damaged cells for a healthy body
What is Stem Cell Therapy?Stem cell therapy is a series of techniques that aim to replace those cells which are previously damaged or destroyed by some disease with healthy functioning ones. Stem cells are the undifferentiated parent cells that can multiply and renew themselves indefinitely.They are capable of forming mature nerve cells, muscle cells, ...
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Low-Cost Total Disc Replacement Surgery in India
Overview: Total disc replacement surgeryWith Digitization, today’s generation is mostly dependent upon technology. Using electronic gadgets has been done right from searching for things online to setting-up the alarms. Every individual is directly or indirectly using computers and laptops for their day-to-day activities with official work. Sitting co...
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The number 1 orthopedic spine surgeon of India Dr Arvind Kulkarni
Spine Surgeon: OverviewBack surgery can help relieve a few reasons for back pain, yet it's once in a while important. Most spinal pain resolves on its own within three months.Low back pain is one of the most widely recognized ailments seen by family doctors. Back issues usually react to nonsurgical treatments — for example, inflammatory drugs, heat...
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Best spine surgeon for cervical spine surgery in India
Overview: Cervical Spine SurgeryCervical Spine, i.e., neck region of the spinal cord, is a long flexible column consists of seven bones referred to as C1 - C7 vertebrae.  These cervical vertebrae are separated from one another by intervertebral discs which allow the spine to move freely and act as shock absorbers during movement or activity.Cervic...
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Hassle-Free Hydrocele Surgery In India At Affordable Price
Overview: Hydrocele surgery or HydrocelectomyIndia is probably one of the best places when a hydrocelectomy must be achieved. India has achieved by means of well trained and experienced surgeons. The staff is well versed and useful, and hygiene is given the most significance. India is fast developing destinations for hydrocele surgery, which provide the be...
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