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B.I. packaging mainly specializes in packaging for fragrance
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  • B.I. Packaging | Cosmetics & Perfume Packaging Supplier - B.I. packaging mainly specializes in packaging for fragrance and cosmetics at competitive price. We develop tailored-made solutions with extensive collection of new designs and expand our packaging products home and abroad. Mail to DAVID@BI-PACKAGING.COM


The Development of the Wood Perfume Cap
The design of perfume bottle body can choose the traditional symmetrical form or the asymmetric form, or the bold and free form to convey different design concepts by symbolism and shows the unique essence of the products.The cap of perfume bottle is also one of the key points of the designs. Because perfume is made up of volatile substances, it requires tha...
perfume cap, wood perfume, perfume bottle, bottle body, perfume, bottle, cap - Posted by BIPACKAGING - Posted 1 Year Ago

Aluminum Cosmetic Containers Provide Good Sealing for Cosmetics
At present, pursuing the beauty is a woman's nature. With the rapid development of China's economy, the cosmetics market continues to expand and the status of the cosmetics industry gradually rises, which makes the cosmetics become a necessity for women's life. Women's reputation needs to be maintained through cosmetics, while the packaging sealing of cosmet...
plastic composite, aluminum plastic, aluminum foil, composite materials, cosmetics, aluminum, plastic - Posted by BIPACKAGING - Posted 1 Year Ago

Relevant Problems after Aluminum Cosmetics Container Closed
What is the reason why the aluminum cosmetic containers made by the manufacturer is colorful when closed, and the flowers will drop when touching by hand? ①The thickness of anodic oxide film of aluminum cosmetic container is insufficient.②The PH value of dye solution is too high, and the higher or the shorter will affect it. ...
ph value, oxide film, dye concentration, cosmetics container, dye, coloring, too - Posted by BIPACKAGING - Posted 1 Year Ago

The Developing Tendency of the Aluminium Cosmetics Container
With the continuous development of cosmetic industry, cosmetic packaging materials have become more and more important, especially the application of aluminium cosmetic containers in cosmetic packaging materials.Because of its high strength/component ratio, easy forming and excellent physical and chemical functions, aluminium alloy materials have b...
packaging materials, cosmetics container, cosmetic packaging, aluminium alloy, materials, cosmetic, packaging - Posted by BIPACKAGING - Posted 1 Year Ago

Material Characteristics of Aluminum Jars Production
The aluminum jars production materials which aluminium jars wholesalers wholesale are mainly composed of aluminum, and the natural properties of aluminum is 2.7, and the density is about 1/3 of the general metal. The conductivity of common aluminum conductors is about 61% of that of copper and half of that of silver. Pure aluminium is extremely soft and have...
zhejiang jingdao, jingdao industrial, jars wholesale, jars production, aluminium, aluminum, jars - Posted by BIPACKAGING - Posted 1 Year Ago

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