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5 Key Advantages of Hiring Offshore Software Development Company
Strong online presence, reputation, and branding are the key factors for the success of any business. This has been an established fact since the boom in the consumer reliance and use of the World Wide Web. It is also why many business owners are working hard to establish a unique business identity over the web. An extremely powerful platform, the internet h...
software development, offshore software, timely delivery, key advantages, business, development, world - Posted by Congruent - Posted 6 Years Ago

Getting The Best Microsoft Business Intelligence Development Services
Business Intelligence (BI) is essential to growing a business. A solid business intelligence platform allows decision makers like managers, executives, and other high-ranking officials analyze data and obtain actionable information to make smarter, informed decisions for the organization. Microsoft makes some of the leading business intelligence platforms av...
microsoft bi, business intelligence, bi solution, development services, solution, microsoft, data - Posted by Congruent - Posted 4 Years Ago

Great Benefits of Hiring SSIS Development Company
SSIS (SQL server integration services) is a Microsoft SQL server database software component that enables broad-range data migration tasks. It is a special platform for complex workflow and data integration applications, featuring an advanced data warehousing tool for flexible and quick data ETL (extraction, transformation and loading). This tool can also be...
ssis development, development company, sql server, software development, ssis, development, data - Posted by Congruent - Posted 5 Years Ago

Why Outsourcing to Single Vendor Is Better
There are many reasons why an organisation chooses to outsource / offshore its IT requirements to another company. Some of the most common reasons for doing so could be to save time and / or reduce the overall cost, while other reasons may include lack of resources, desire to concentrate on the core business, flexibility that an outsourcing / offshoring comp...
single vendor, vendor outsourcing, vendor management, multi vendor, vendor, outsourcing, congruent - Posted by Congruent - Posted 6 Years Ago

Need Help with SharePoint Customization
As new platform that has transformed the way a website or an organization works, Microsoft SharePoint takes the whole cake. This one medium has made organizations realize its fullest potential and pave a stable pathway towards success.SharePoint is the web based application framework, which enables companies to create website, share content, manage the nec...
software development, sharepoint consultant, wide range, whole cake, software, sharepoint, make - Posted by Congruent - Posted 5 Years Ago

Know the Aspects of SharePoint Branding Services
Microsoft SharePoint is a commonly used web application platform and framework. It integrates document and content management, and intranet for midsized businesses and large companies. SharePoint has multipurpose web technologies, which are backed by a typical technical infrastructure. One of the important reasons for using SharePoint is to increase producti...
sharepoint branding, branding services, software development, social media, sharepoint, branding, services - Posted by Congruent - Posted 5 Years Ago

Software Development Outsourcing Services in India
The software development service providers in India are recognised worldwide for the superior quality of service they offer to their clients. Being one among the best leading IT hubs in the world, Indian software development agencies are celebrated by clients all over the world for the quality service they provide. The liberal taxation and cost-effective man...
software development, development services, offshore software, application development, software, services, development - Posted by Congruent - Posted 6 Years Ago

Software Product Development Outsourcing Reduces Costs Drastically
The most significant advantages of software product development outsourcing tend to provide cost-cutting benefits for organizations. With companies striving to advance business goals and maintain their place in the competitive market, outsourcing different services has truly become a viable means not only to reduce costs, but also maintain productivity and a...
software product, product development, cheaper labor, software development, software, development, outsourcing - Posted by congruent - Posted 5 Years Ago

Countless Advantages of SharePoint Branding Services
There are many ways in which business houses and corporate spreads awareness of their brand today and branding is the foremost among them.Branding is a way of making specific changes in whatever marketing medium you use or the designs and color of your brand name and insignia, and so on. The basic idea behind such an operation is to make people aware, as s...
share point, software development, development firms, branding services, branding, share, point - Posted by Congruent - Posted 5 Years Ago

Advantages of Custom Application Development Services
Custom application development is crucial for many businesses. While packaged, customizable software products that serve various industries and business types are widespread, tailor-made options that custom application development services offer is simply more advantageous. They provide the perfect-fit for businesses as they have been developed considering t...
custom application, application development, development services, custom applications, custom, development, business - Posted by Congruent - Posted 6 Years Ago

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