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Foods that help boost memory during exams
“A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.”This proverb is well said as to remain fit, it is important to eat healthy.In India, there are so many Govt-aided as well as Boarding Schools that provide mid-day meal facility to the children. They ensure that each n every child is given proper education with appropriate nutritional diet. Boarding Sch...
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Digitalization of Education
Digitalization is the term which means making things easily accessible to the people. Its main purpose is to improve their way of living.In the era of 21st century, India has progressed a lot in terms of education as the ‘old school systems’ became the ‘new school system’ boosted digital education.This opens up higher education to...
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Advancement & Uses of Modern Technology
Technology is becoming more and more sophisticated. It is accessible to almost everyone, making it a significant part of modern society.Modern technology has done amazing as well as wonderful things to advance humanity since last few years.Science is taking quantum leaps. Technology has proved very useful to us in many ways. It has influenced our lives t...
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