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Business Growth Opportunities during COVID-19
COVID-19 is forcing every business to reconsider their strategies and develop more powerful ways to grow their business! DevX initiated a Webinar on the growth opportunities for any business during COVID-19 where startups & businesses could take the opportunity of grabbing knowledge from the industry experts from various domains.The webinar focused o...
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The workplace to cherish
Now when we enter into the new decade, there are several things which goes underway. The best decade would stand still just like the water under the bridge, the world needs compassion more than passion, we enter into an era where the HR are respected to be empathetic and not disciplinary. If we ever compare the workplaces in the past decades the requiremen...
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How to Effectively Work From Home
So, DevX is back with making the Lockdown more effective! This journey of coping with the household chores and managing work at the same time, is a reality that we have to accept while we continue staying home! Every small change makes a difference that affects our productivity. Also, with the kind of news we receive about the pandemic every day, it is a bit...
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A time like never before
‘When life gives you lemon, make lemonade’ – this could not stand truer than ever! When you have got an unprecedented lockdown staring at you, what do you do? Instead of getting entangled by the thought of boredom, make the most of it count! Take each day as an opportunity to develop a new skill, explore hobbies, or do things you’ve a...
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Coworking Spaces Disrupt the Ecosystem of Medium Size Cities
India is trying to become a self-sustaining nation, with increased human resource and western influence of the way of working India’s working culture is regularly shifting towards nontraditional form of working. Generation Z is trying to break the chains of unidirectional growth and is spreading itself in diverse fields which brings more learning, grea...
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Transform your space into a green working space!
"The cost humanity needs to invest to save this warming world is around the US 0 billion per year. It may sound like a Goliath figure, but actually, it’s lesser than 0.1% of global GDP." Saving nature can be cheaper and simpler than your assumptions. And while this fact is vibrating in your brain, we thought why don’t we share a few t...
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Three reasons why coworking can be a fun way to achieve productivity!
The global freelance fraternity is flowering and proliferating at a dramatic scale. According to an India Today article, it is said that ’84 percent of talent managers in Asia-Pacific use gig workers’ which suggests the highest percentage in the region. The ever-increasing statistics hint that most well-paying corporates love people who find soot...
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