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Published 11 Years Ago
Outsourcing RCM ? Boon or Bane?
It has been established conclusively that the costs of healthcare delivery in the United States is several times more than other developed countries in the world.  One of the major cost components involved is in billing the Insurance payers and

Published 11 Years Ago
Importance of Managing Denials
US health care industry is largely dependent on successful reimbursements from claims made to insurance payers. However, many a time these claims are denied by insurance companies. There may be several reasons for Denials, like coverage issues with that

Published 12 Years Ago
Choosing A Good Medical Claims Processing Software
We are going to discuss now, about the features that good medical claims processing – the medical billing software should possess. Well, most of us would have already chosen a software that suits our needs or at least learnt to survive with a

Published 12 Years Ago
Clinical Documentation Needs Of ICD-10
Clinical documentation is an integral part of health Information Management. The clinical documentation needs doesn’t end with diagnosis and treatment of patients. It is also needed for efficient medical claims processing. Clinical documentation

Published 12 Years Ago
Many healthcare entities as well as medical coding & billing companies are conce
Many healthcare entities as well as medical coding & billing companies are concerned about ICD-10 transition. What’s stopping medical billing companies? Apart from the initial hurdles and cost factor, the main troubling parameter is productivity

Published 12 Years Ago
Dos & Don't of ICD 10
If you are a physician billing company providing physicians billing services to hospitals & medical practices, you have to take extra care to implement ICD-10. As a provider of physicians billing services, you will be responsible for complete ICD-10

Published 12 Years Ago
Benefits of implementing ICD-10
The ICD-10 is not a mere update in the coding system. ICD-10 is a streamlined set of codes that enables greater ‘specificity’ in indicating the exact medical condition of a patient and procedure done. This specificity will provide multiple

Published 12 Years Ago
Overview of ICD-10
  Process revisions and implementations are not new to the US medical claims processing industry. But, after the ICD-9 transition in 1970s, ICD-10 is the major change that the medical billing and coding industry faces. We know that United States is

Published 12 Years Ago
10 Steps To Gateway Of Smooth Icd-10 Transition
It is long since we started talking about ICD-10 transition. But, still most of us are unclear as what to do with the implementation. We are in fact awaiting the HIPAA 5010 change by January 1, 2012 that’s going to redefine healthcare compliance

Published 13 Years Ago
What Should Healthcare Organizations Do To Ensure Patient Data Protection
Time and again, the US healthcare industry is struggling to defend against the threats to patient data security. But, despite all data protection measures taken by the US government, the HIPAA covered entities – medical claims billing and allied

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