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Meaning of insider trading and how it is conducted.
Insider trading also known as insider dealing is trading of shares by any insider like manager or executive based on information which is not yet made public. It is usually prohibited by the law and it can be legal or illegal depending upon the piece of information which is used is made public or not. Some investors may involve in practicing legal insider tr...
insider trading, made public, yet made, shares based, trading, insider, public - Posted by Epicram - Posted 3 Years Ago

Brief introduction to momentum traders and their types.
In stock market there are different types of traders, momentum traders are those who are looking for movements in stock's prices. Once they identify movements in price they take long or short position in that stock and hope that this momentum will continue in upward or downward direction. This strategy is more dependent on short term price movements and ther...
momentum traders, particular direction, momentum trader, stocks prices, traders, momentum, market - Posted by Epicram - Posted 3 Years Ago

What is meant by preferential allotment of shares and why it is done ?
Preferential allotment is a process in which shares are alloted to a specific group of people or companies which are interested in it on preferential basis. Company which allots shares states that whenever it will pay dividend, preference shares holders will be paid first.This can be done by any company which is listed on exchange and all rules and regulatio...
preferential allotment, voting rights, specific group, reason behind, shares, company, preferential - Posted by Epicram - Posted 3 Years Ago

What is meant by multibagger stocks and how to identify them ?
Different investors have their own goals which they want to accomplish by investing in stock market. Some of them who wants to earn high returns from short term trading are the ones who looks for multibagger stocks. Though these stocks do not perform well at present but they have good potential to perform in future. Financial advisory services providers can ...
multibagger stocks, stock market, strong fundamentals, risk bearing, stocks, multibagger, market - Posted by Epicram - Posted 3 Years Ago

Useful guidelines to efficiently monitor performance of stocks.
Stock market is of highly volatile nature and keeps on fluctuating. There are several economical, political and global factors responsible for it. Depending upon the conditions market follows upward or downward trend. In order to plan wise trading strategy traders needs to monitor performance of stocks and identify which strategy is going to help them in ear...
volatile nature, stock tables, stock prices, stock market, stock, market, stocks - Posted by Epicram - Posted 3 Years Ago

What is meant by post/pre/after market orders ?
Indian stock market has become a good source of investment know. Every individual trader has its own trading goals which he wants to accomplish from market. Depending on the goals and risk bearing capability traders decides using which financial instrument and strategy they should trade. For ensuring their good earnings and boosting returns from market consi...
pre market, market orders, after market, post market, orders, market, pre - Posted by Epicram - Posted 3 Years Ago

What is meant by seasonal investing and how to use it for your benefit ?
A seasonal investing has a start date, end date and price ups or downs between this time period. Stock market is of highly volatile nature and market performance is not only dependent on the time of year but days of month as well. Traders who have picked stocks wisely have earn good returns from market and those who have not it has been really difficult for ...
stock market, seasonal investing, start date, price ups, market, seasonal, stock - Posted by Epicram - Posted 3 Years Ago

How stock market investors can build an optimally balanced portfolio ?
Every individual investor has goals which he is willing to accomplish by making an investment in stock market. To achieve these gaols and sustain in market on long term basis it is required to construct an optimum portfolio . An investors should ideally first learn about his risk bearing capability and design his portfolio accordingly. For improving returns ...
asset class, balanced portfolio, stock market, optimally balanced, risk, portfolio, market - Posted by Epicram - Posted 3 Years Ago

Meaning of day trading in futures contracts, its advantages and disadvantages.
Day trading is a form of trading in which a trader square off its position in market the very same trading day i.e position is not held in market for more than one trading day. Day trading in futures is a similar type of trading strategy and here traders buy/sell different future contracts within the same trading day. With this strategy traders can not kee...
future contracts, trading tips, trading strategy, same trading, trading, traders, market - Posted by Epicram - Posted 3 Years Ago

What is the meaning of risk off and risk on in commodity market ?
Along with stocks, commodities are also preferred by large number of traders for the purpose of trading. Having commodities as a part of portfolio along with stocks has several benefits. The two popular exchange of Indian commodity market are : MCX and NCDEX. As commodities are of highly price volatile nature to ensure good trade results, mcx tips of preci...
risk off, commodity market, off events, market conditions, risk, market, off - Posted by Epicram - Posted 3 Years Ago

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