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Bohemian Pillows for Decorating Home in a Style
If you are tired of how dull and lifeless your home looks, there is one very simple step that you can take to change just that. Try adding Bohemian pillows. With their eclectic colors, patterns, and designs, Bohemian pillows can give your home an entirely different identity. After adding them you won’t have to come home every time to a house that looks...
Posted by Eyesofindia - Posted 4 Years Ago

Turn Your Space into Any Style with Bohemian Pillows
Bohemian style spaces will appeal to artistic individuals who like to have quirky and colorful surroundings. The style is the epitome of a mix of unconventional designs with its mixed patterns, textures, and patterns. Hence, it depicts a free lifestyle and is not constricted by any style guides. It is easy to adapt the bohemian style to your space when you u...
Posted by Eyesofindia - Posted 4 Years Ago

Using Indian Beaded Tapestries or Wall Hangings
Beaded Tapestries or wall hangings help make a room more inviting, visually attractive and certainly are a treat to the eyes. A home enhanced with tapestries undoubtedly makes an elegant statement. Gujarat is one acclaimed state in India which is famous for its beaded and embroidered wall hangings. Intricate designs in Zardosi and mirror work are placed rand...
Posted by Eyesofindia - Posted 5 Years Ago

A Few Brilliant Indian Home Decoration Ideas
Home decor, according to the perfect theme, makes it all the more interesting and simple too.  If you have a fantastic idea or theme in mind, set to work, by making a list of things or areas you would like to concentrate on.Indian decor is one of the most refreshing new themes for any home, irrespective of its size and shape. The best part of this dec...
Posted by Eyesofindia - Posted 5 Years Ago

Indian wall hangings and bedspreads depict true Indian culture
Tradition and culture of a nation is the basis of its origin and existence. A nation, which can jealously guard its tradition and culture, will have an unstoppable progress and development in every sphere. India is known worldwide for its rich heritage. The above mentioned facts clearly support India’s history. The tradition and cultural history of Ind...
Posted by Eyesofindia - Posted 7 Years Ago

Indian Miniature Paintings With Mughal Art Work Represents True Indian Culture
Art and culture of any nation depicts the history and rich heritage of that nation. It is known to all that throughout the ages, India was home for many nomads, foreign rulers and invaders who have left behind a trace of their art, culture, cuisines etc. Thus, India’s rich heritage is incomplete if not mention the eras that have an impact effect on Ind...
Posted by Eyesofindia - Posted 7 Years Ago

Floor Cushions - Transform a Dull Room into Something Bright!
Transforming a dull and lifeless room can be as easy as adding the right decorative elements. You do not have to renovate your room or buy new furniture when you can choose colorful décor and items that can enhance the space—like floor cushions. Floor cushions are practical because they provide extra seating without being too bulky (unlike chair...
Posted by Eyesofindia - Posted 4 Years Ago

Sun and Moon Tapestry - Adds a Traditional and Luxurious Look to Your Room!
The sun and moon are among the most common symbols you can see in Indian décor. In Hindu mythology, the moon represents Chandra, the ruler of emotion, while the sun represents Surya, which is known to be the source of truth and the ruler of intellect. Sun and moon tapestries can add an ethnic Indian touch to your room. The traditional design immerses ...
Posted by Eyesofindia - Posted 4 Years Ago

Find a Superb and Glorious Set of Embroidered Cushions
Your choice in cushions can make or break your overall interior design. The right cushions can serve as the finishing touches to a room's design scheme and affect the look and feel of a space. Embroidered cushions are among the best additions you can consider for a bohemian touch. These are intricately embroidered pillows that add more detail and pops of col...
Posted by Eyesofindia - Posted 3 Years Ago

Add Ethnic Style and Ethnic Flavor with Sun and Moon Tapestries from India
The sun and moon are among the most significant symbols in India. In Hindu mythology, the sun symbolizes Surya, the ruler of intellect and source of truth, and the moon symbolizes Chandra, the ruler of emotion. The symbols of these divine beings are immortalized in sun and moon tapestries from India. Having one of these tapestries can add a touch of India's ...
Posted by Eyesofindia - Posted 4 Years Ago

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