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Flange Nuts: Types and Uses
A flange nut is a metal fastening device that is commonly used to lock two surfaces together securely. It is basically a nut that has an integrated bottom lip or flange that allows it to be used with or without a separate washer arrangement. The integrated flange serves to help distribute the pressure of the nut evenly around the area that is being secured t...
flange nut, contact surface, serrated face, washer arrangement, nuts, nut, flange - Posted by Fastenersplusintl - Posted 3 Years Ago

Get to Know the Different Types of Lock Washers and Their Uses
Lock washers are specially designed tools that are used to make sure that bolted joints don’t come loose. There are generally two types of lock washers based on their locking action. These are spring action lock washers and tooth lock washers.Spring action lock washers can be recognized by their helical shape. These washers are commonly placed under ...
lock washers, tooth lock, screw heads, vibration resistant, washers, lock, tooth - Posted by Fastenersplusintl - Posted 3 Years Ago

Hard Lock Fasteners and their gaining popularity in North America
Components of massive installations are often held together and locked down in position by puny hard lock fasteners, in a failsafe manner. Designed to withstand heavy vibrations especially in applications that are exposed to the full brunt of nature, hard lock nuts have proved their reliability. Offering a high, unique level of quality, the hard lock nut has...
hard lock, lock fasteners, lock nuts, superior quality, nuts, lock, hard - Posted by Fastenersplusintl - Posted 3 Years Ago